Scheduled For Release 2106-02-07
Current revision in SVN HEAD at the time of bug submission
0001741: [web-interface] web interface could help with client configuration file (Bart Polot)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-05-31
0006069: [other] dns2gns bridge weird behaviour (returning all A/AAAA records in every case) (schanzen)
0005101: [gnunet-setup] Jul 02 17:36:39-957401 gnunet-setup-13562 ERROR Assertion failed at resolver_api.c:256. (Christian Grothoff)
0005948: [util library] idn / idn2 detection logic must be improved (nikita)
0005823: [cadet service] CADET message drop API for testing (t3sserakt)
0006093: [reclaim] OpenID authorize endpoint standard compliance (schanzen)
0005822: [cadet service] No tunnel destroy after channel destroy was not received (t3sserakt)
0005920: [GNS] LSD0001 meta issue (schanzen)
       0006103: [GNS] GNS returns LEHO on GNS2DNS delegation (schanzen)
       0005999: [GNS] GNS currently does not return NICK (optional feature) (schanzen)
       0006087: [revocation service] Scrypt parameters do not conform to standard (schanzen)
0006244: [documentation] Handbook mentions Hostlist URL (Christian Grothoff)
0006242: [util library] Duplicate message type values in gnunet_protocols.h (Christian Grothoff)
0005961: [documentation] gnunet-tutorial.texi:1565: @include: could not find fdl-1.3.texi (xrs)
0006239: [rps service] Move RPS to experimental (ch3)
0005782: [GNS] Activated gns plugin never returns with stopped GNUnet (schanzen)
0006092: [namestore service] GNUNET_NAMESTORE_set_nick deletes other records (schanzen)
0004867: [documentation] Web: Export CMS contained Bibliography to BibTeX (nikita)
0006070: [util library] ECDSA private keys should be stored little-endian (Florian Dold)
0006217: [util library] integer overflow in GNUNET_buffer_ensure_remaining (Florian Dold)
0006220: [build process] configure does not check for argon2 (schanzen)
0006048: [postgres library] be smarter about versioning (Christian Grothoff)
0006149: [util library] (really a gnunet problem) GNUNET_CRYPTO_eddsa_key_create_from_file is a really bad API (Christian Grothoff)
0006152: [util library] Using GNUNET_memcmp for comparing public keys (Christian Grothoff)
0006155: [util library] Integer overflow in GNUNET_STRINGS_pp2s (Christian Grothoff)
0006156: [util library] Integer overflow in GNUNET_STRINGS_data_to_string (Christian Grothoff)
0006157: [util library] Integer truncation in GNUNET_STRINGS_string_to_data (Christian Grothoff)
0006158: [util library] GNUNET_STRINGS_check_filename uses the wrong stat (Christian Grothoff)
0006159: [util library] Integer overflow in GNUNET_STRINGS_base64_encode (Christian Grothoff)
0006183: [util library] buffer overflow in GNUNET_CRYPTO_hkdf_v (Christian Grothoff)
0006184: [GNS] buffer overflow in signal_socks_failure and signal_socks_success (Christian Grothoff)
0006186: [util library] Why does GNUNET_free not set the pointer to NULL? (Christian Grothoff)
0006189: [util library] GNUNET_new_array does not check for int overflow (Christian Grothoff)
0006190: [util library] GNUNET_array_grow needs a version that copies (Christian Grothoff)
0006191: [HTTP transport] Content-Type must tolerate charset information (Christian Grothoff)
0006083: [reclaim] OpenID JWT base64url wrong (schanzen)
0006153: [util library] GNUNET_is_zero is very inefficient (Christian Grothoff)
0006154: [ARM service] Integer overflow in GNUNET_STRINGS_buffer_fill (Christian Grothoff)
0006047: [reclaim] Increase ticket and attribute id length to 256 bit (schanzen)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-01-31
0005645: [DNS service] Issuing request to a local DNS service breaks node
0006097: [UDP transport] [TNG] UDP transport large messages fail
0006098: [UDP transport] [TNG] UDP communicator performance issues
0005617: [integration tests] clique test fails
0005530: [TCP transport] add replay protection to TCP communicator
0005650: [statistics service] Metrics collected by statistics lack canonical identifiers
0005456: [transport service] Peers don't gossip about transport addresses they don't support
0005482: [testbed service] Some CADET tests failed
0005507: [integration tests] test_transport_api_manipulation_cfg fails
0003309: [core service] Core needs to indicate a peer's willingness to accept traffic for other peers.
0003896: [transport service] GNUnet HELLOs break privacy, especially on IPv6
0004164: [DHT service] Sign record_route
0005529: [TCP transport] TCP communicator does not support connection reversal yet
0005549: [transport service] bidirectional communicator test
0005552: [UDP transport] congestion control for UDP
0005712: [peerstore] add logic to preload peerstore with information (Christian Grothoff)
0005367: [rps service] SIGSEGV after GNUNET_CADET_channel_destroy() (ch3)
0005550: [transport service] backchannel support
0006011: [UNIX transport] [TNG] UNIX communicator performance issues
0006102: [resolver service] Resolver limited to IP addresses
0005998: [namestore service] Namestore should enforce delegation rules for record adding according to LSD001 (schanzen)
0005528: [TCP transport] TCP *communicator* bindto option should support DNS names (t3sserakt)
0006013: [TCP transport] [TNG] TCP communicator should bind to IPv6 and IPv4 if only port given. (t3sserakt)
0006114: [integration tests] Tests failing on Guix System
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Scheduled For Release 2019-10-14
0005846: [extract] A heap-buffer-overflow vulneribility in function EXTRACTOR_dvi_extract_method in dvi_extractor.c (Christian Grothoff)
0005820: [plugins] Build fails with exiv2 0.27 (Christian Grothoff)
0005847: [extract] LeakSanitizer: detected memory leaks (Christian Grothoff)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-03-28
0006135: [other] Fix non-threaded build (Christian Grothoff)
0006117: [build system] zzuf testsuite fails (beberking)
0006090: [libmicrohttpd API] MHD_start_daemon always fails on macOS (Christian Grothoff)
0006196: [performance] format string issue in TALER_MHD_handle_logs (Christian Grothoff)
0006143: [build system] "make -j4 check" fails in src/testzzuf (Christian Grothoff)
0006019: [libmicrohttpd API] request api to check whether mhd connection object still live (tcp socket still connected) (Christian Grothoff)
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Scheduled For Release 2106-02-07
0005657: [documentation] Example showing how to use suspend/resume feature combined by threads and external select
0005501: [documentation] Example for how to provide WebSocket server using HTTP Upgrade API (silvioprog)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-04-30
General polishing.
0005858: [wallet (JS core)] implement cancelling a withdraw operation in dialogs and backend
0005995: [wallet (JS core)] fee sometimes changes in last moment (Florian Dold)
0006028: [wallet (Android App)] operation gets stuck when repeating withdraw 10 times (Florian Dold)
0006027: [wallet (Android App)] Taler Survey Demo: QR code not recognized (Florian Dold)
0006020: [wallet (JS core)] refund-apply sometimes goes wrong (Florian Dold)
0006091: [wallet (JS core)] pending operations should contain error details (Florian Dold)
0005852: [wallet (JS core)] integration test for session-based payments (Florian Dold)
0005061: [wallet (WebExtensions)] fix some style/display issues in the wallet (Florian Dold)
0006006: [bank (demonstrator)] stack trace when adding existing account (Marcello Stanisci)
0006007: [wallet (WebExtensions)] payments and withdrawals not working (Florian Dold)
0005777: [wallet (WebExtensions)] allow recovering refreshed and partially spent coins (Florian Dold)
0006066: [bank API (C)] bank should have an API to ask it for the currency it uses (Marcello Stanisci)
0004950: [wallet (WebExtensions)] spec and implement asynchronous payment api (Florian Dold)
0005059: [wallet (WebExtensions)] handle cases where an exchange's key changes, but the base URL stays the same (Florian Dold)
0005752: [wallet (WebExtensions)] "nothing" happens when clicking on "add auditor" (Florian Dold)
0005983: [wallet (WebExtensions)] wallet must display exchanges' ToS (Florian Dold)
0005982: [wallet (WebExtensions)] implement HTTP request throttling (Florian Dold)
0005774: [wallet (WebExtensions)] add support for creating a reserve from within the wallet and topping it up via payto QR code (Florian Dold)
0005869: [wallet (WebExtensions)] idb-bridge should have more test cases (Florian Dold)
0005845: [wallet (WebExtensions)] re-design, implement and properly test wallet DB garbage collection (Florian Dold)
0005213: [wallet (WebExtensions)] wallet's "tree view" should be turned into a human-friendly, detailed balance sheet (Florian Dold)
0004857: [deployment and operations] make sure that deployment scripts start database to get full test coverage, but only if available (Florian Dold)
0005216: [wallet (WebExtensions)] wallet's auditor editing page should have better copy to explain what auditors do (Florian Dold)
0005215: [wallet (WebExtensions)] wallet history is misleading since fees are not shown (Florian Dold)
0004734: [wallet (WebExtensions)] display what the new balance will be when confirming contracts/reserves (Florian Dold)
0005512: [wallet (WebExtensions)] Wallet adds only 2000000 KUDOS and get stuck (Florian Dold)
0005963: [other] buildbot should reload its own master on deployment.git change (Christian Grothoff)
0006229: [Web site(s)] enable machine translation (buckE)
0005276: [wallet (WebExtensions)] consider restricting wallet permissions (Florian Dold)
0004466: [other] figure out a nice way to integrate compiled files in web-common into other repositories (Florian Dold)
0006209: [deployment and operations] Please create sandbox/test website and repo (buckE)
0006198: [exchange] language_matches appears to be functionally incorrect (Christian Grothoff)
0006218: [exchange] integer overflow in buffer_write_urlencode (Christian Grothoff)
0006219: [exchange] integer overflow in calculate_argument_length (Christian Grothoff)
0006215: [exchange] confusing/wrong overflow check in TALER_string_to_amount (Christian Grothoff)
0006213: [exchange] Better description of TALER_amount.fraction (Christian Grothoff)
0006214: [exchange] Suggestion: Introduce invariants check when dealing with TALER_EXCHANGEDB_TransactionList (Christian Grothoff)
0006200: [exchange] postgres_get_coin_transactions does not allow for multiple deposit transactions (Christian Grothoff)
0006195: [exchange] integer overflow in deserialize_denomination_key (Christian Grothoff)
0006194: [exchange] serialize_denomination_key NULL case looks fishy (Christian Grothoff)
0006193: [exchange] memset for clearing key material (Christian Grothoff)
0006192: [exchange] Avoid substituting valid HTTP status code with 0, when a condition fails. (Christian Grothoff)
0006187: [exchange] Redundant copy of dki-> (Christian Grothoff)
0006139: [Web site(s)] German translation sneaks into English news page (nikita)
0006138: [Web site(s)] picking the current language in the language switcher results in a bad link (Christian Grothoff)
0004818: [wallet (WebExtensions)] test cases missing for i18n (Florian Dold)
0005209: [merchant backend API (C)] test cases should not use fixed port numbers (Florian Dold)
0005286: [wallet (WebExtensions)] i18n for react components does not have test cases (Florian Dold)
0005828: [merchant backend API (HTTP specification)] merchant backend should have an API to query metadata such as currency (Florian Dold)
0005874: [documentation] taler error codes should be listed in the documentation (Florian Dold)
0006176: [exchange] twister tests fail (Christian Grothoff)
0005232: [mechant backend] Tip reserve's expiration date not respected. (Marcello Stanisci)
0005319: [wallet (WebExtensions)] compilation of wallet pulls in a ridiculous number of dependencies (Florian Dold)
0004939: [mechant backend] add support for multiple wire methods / accounts per instance (Christian Grothoff)
0005985: [merchant backend API (C)] implement long-polling for /public/poll-payment for refund status (Christian Grothoff)
0006136: [merchant backend API (C)] merchant should re-download /keys before refusing pay request (Christian Grothoff)
0005299: [mechant backend] merchant should make /refund requests to the exchange and send response to wallet, instead of letting the wallet do it (Christian Grothoff)
0006099: [deployment and operations] taler-deployment-prepare fails to properly setup exchange bank account (Florian Dold)
0006172: [exchange] Are 32-bit builds supported? (Christian Grothoff)
0006164: [exchange] deposit_cb return value (and code) are confusing (Christian Grothoff)
0006171: [exchange] typo in json diagnostic message in wire_out_cb (Christian Grothoff)
0006170: [exchange] confusing code in verify_reserve_balance (Christian Grothoff)
0006129: [merchant backend API (HTTP specification)] Merchant API not idempotent, does not behave as documented (Christian Grothoff)
0005939: [mechant backend] expose protocol version for merchant backend (Christian Grothoff)
0005997: [mechant backend] move test cases to new date format (Christian Grothoff)
0006043: [wallet (WebExtensions)] test webextensions wallet on Brave (buckE)
0005288: [merchant backend API (C)] merchant backend should expose instance information via an API (Christian Grothoff)
0006014: [mechant backend] merchant does not forward errors from the exchange correctly (Christian Grothoff)
0006148: [exchange] TALER_amount_normalize is O(n) where O(1) would have sufficed (Christian Grothoff)
0006147: [exchange] buffer too small in TALER_amount2s (Christian Grothoff)
0006146: [exchange] Taler exchange is multithreaded yet uses GNUNET_STRINGS_absolute_time_to_string (Christian Grothoff)
0006197: [exchange] TALER_MHD_handle_logs is not thread-safe (Christian Grothoff)
0006216: [exchange] dead code: TALER_amount_divide (Christian Grothoff)
0006185: [exchange] confusing assertion before code handling the cases that trigger the assert (Christian Grothoff)
0006179: [exchange API (HTTP specification)] Add authentication to /reserves/$RESERVE_PUB (Christian Grothoff)
0006111: [wallet (JS core)] wallet tests fail ('make check'): TextEncoder is not defined (Florian Dold)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-05-31
0005163: [deployment and operations] regenerate config upon each recompilation?
0005255: [deployment and operations] sort out logging (Florian Dold)
0004117: [documentation] document fee structure considerations (Stefan)
0006042: [wallet (WebExtensions)] test webextensions wallet on GNU IceCat (Florian Dold)
0006107: [deployment and operations] taler-backoffice fails to start in test-deployment (Christian Grothoff)
0005190: [deployment and operations] test, demo and buildbot do not restart on reboot despite cron job (Christian Grothoff)
0005256: [deployment and operations] repository name should go into build description (buckE)
0005298: [wallet (WebExtensions)] wallet does not show a good error message on refund when a refund permission has expired (Florian Dold)
0005409: [codeless payments] Payto URI (Marcello Stanisci)
0004880: [wallet (WebExtensions)] add images to contracts (Florian Dold)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-05-31
Wallet synchronization and backup.
0004513: [deployment and operations] save screenshot and browser logs for failing selenium test
0006000: [mechant backend] test case logic is messy (Marcello Stanisci)
0006010: [mechant backend] Remove non-twisted tests from twisted test-suite (Christian Grothoff)
0005957: [merchant backend API (C)] provide more convenient way to handle refund deadline (Christian Grothoff)
0005768: [merchant backend API (C)] TALER_MERCHANT_pay_frontend never tested (Christian Grothoff)
0006173: [merchant backend API (HTTP specification)] tip-pickup should talk to the exchange (Christian Grothoff)
0005210: [merchant backend API (HTTP specification)] merchant's /pay should also accept own signature for replay to save traffic and wallet/merchant storage (Christian Grothoff)
0005930: [mechant backend] control of instances over contract terms should be restricted (Christian Grothoff)
0005351: [codeless payments] design and implement API for notifications and inventory tracking (shivamkohli)
0006166: [merchant backend API (HTTP specification)] RESTify merchant backend API (Christian Grothoff)
0005965: [auditor] taler-auditor needs better documentation (Stefan)
0005775: [wallet (WebExtensions)] test weird corner cases regarding the exchange's /keys info (Florian Dold)
0005019: [bank (demonstrator)] taler bank should follow PEP 484 and 526 where applicable (Marcello Stanisci)
0006112: [bank (demonstrator)] test cases are incomplete for new bank APIs (Marcello Stanisci)
0006050: [exchange] create twister test case that sets keys expiration to zero / invalid (Marcello Stanisci)
0006051: [exchange] create twister test case to check if operations with the wire gateway are re-tried with the same request_uid (Marcello Stanisci)
0006077: [wallet (JS core)] sync support needed in wallet core (Florian Dold)
0004810: [wallet (WebExtensions)] the wallet should support backup and sync (Florian Dold)
0004096: [documentation] Wallet database scheme needs to be documented. (Florian Dold)
0005861: [mechant backend] merchant backend does not handle tip expiration properly (Christian Grothoff)
0006221: [documentation] RefundDetail not defined in the documentation (Christian Grothoff)
0005987: [mechant backend] review abort-refund mode of /pay (Christian Grothoff)
0006181: [exchange] Exchange should provide API for uniformly distributed seeds (Christian Grothoff)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-08-31
Exportable proofs and proof checkers
0006034: [exchange] Exchange should have separate configuration file
0006199: [exchange] loading the terms of service files into memory seems wasteful
0006188: [exchange] Lift binary arguments into function names
0006044: [documentation] merchant backend configuration unclear
0006175: [exchange] implement privilege separation for access to online signing keys
0005830: [merchant backend API (C)] implement request tunneling for wallets
0006161: [exchange] Suggestion: Do some more signature checks
0003476: [wallet (WebExtensions)] evil exchange testsuite
0006236: [exchange API (C)] exchange deposit testing command should expose deposit fee (Christian Grothoff)
0006023: [merchant frontend (donations)] frontend throws not-so-nice error at the user (Marcello Stanisci)
0006133: [auditor] auditor helpers do not support CTRL-C (Christian Grothoff)
0006045: [documentation] user confusion: peer-to-peer payments in bank demonstrator (Stefan)
0005285: [wallet (WebExtensions)] Add owning wallet id to coin database (Florian Dold)
0004379: [wallet (WebExtensions)] error handling: exportable proof for e.g. double spending (Florian Dold)
0004629: [other] certificates for merchant public keys aren't supported (Florian Dold)
0005853: [merchant backend API (C)] sessions should be limited in number and duration per order_id (Christian Grothoff)
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Scheduled For Release 2106-02-07
0006180: [deployment and operations] setup codespell as part of the CI for all of our source projects (buckE)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-09-15
0005925: [gnunet-fs-gtk] gnunet-gtk API incompatible with latest gnunet API (Christian Grothoff)
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Scheduled For Release 2014-06-08
0003491: [peerinfo package] monitor functionality is missing (Christian Grothoff)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-02-18
0005833: [tracking-issues] CADET tracking issue
0005836: [groupchat] Add alarm if nick was mentioned
0005834: [groupchat] Message state indicator
0005837: [groupchat] [RFC] Ring-based groupchat (serverless) (xrs)
       0005842: [groupchat] Create method for sending a message
       0005843: [groupchat] Create distributed state protocol
       0005841: [groupchat] Add method for creating a group
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