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0006843Talermerchant backoffice SPApublic2023-04-04 19:34
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Summary0006843: every input type can be forgetable, handle UI to add checkbox
Descriptionthis apply to the order
Tagsneeds ui design, needs ux design



2022-01-19 14:54

developer   ~0018643

Adding example of the current new order form
Selection_999(167).png (40,342 bytes)   
Selection_999(167).png (40,342 bytes)   
Selection_999(166).png (45,165 bytes)   
Selection_999(166).png (45,165 bytes)   


2022-01-19 16:52

developer   ~0018644

Selection_999(165).png (55,516 bytes)   
Selection_999(165).png (55,516 bytes)   


2022-01-22 12:46

reporter   ~0018650

I may be missing something here, but putting the responsibility of removing customer information on merchants doesn't seem to me the ideal way of going about this. If Taler as a project considers that certain customer information should not be kept by merchants after it is no longer needed (e.g. the customer’s shipping address), why not introducing this behaviour by design? Essentially, after an order has been fulfilled, and taking into consideration the TAX_RECORD_EXPIRATION value, Taler deletes the customer information that is no longer needed, rather than relying on merchants marking fields as "forgettable".

If a merchant chooses to use Taler, they do so because they are responsible merchants regarding privacy, and want to do the right thing. We should help them with that, by introducing privacy-preserving best practices (like forgetting customer information whenever possible) by design.

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