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0005645GNUnetDNS servicepublic2021-06-10 19:36
Reporteric.rbow Assigned To 
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Target Version0.16.0 
Summary0005645: Issuing request to a local DNS service breaks node
DescriptionI found there is a local resolver service running that gets DNS traffic from iptables and decided to try it.

The dig query timed out, but I found gnunet-arm went unresponsive and there's a constant stream of ERROR/MQ messages in transport and ats logs:

    Mar 13 08:21:00-682310 transport-25692 ERROR MQ with 10000 entries extended by message of type 364 (FC broken?)

    Mar 13 09:35:54-724788 ats-28266 ERROR MQ with 10381 entries extended by message of type 345 (FC broken?)

The spew persists after restarts and seems to die out after a while.
Steps To Reproduce1) gnunet-arm -i dns
3) ????
4) Watch transport and ats go haywire.


related to 0005710 confirmed TNG meta issue 



2019-03-13 10:57

reporter   ~0014191

I tried to reproduce it a with and without UDP transport enabled and it is much more stable. The dig still silent, but at least the logs aren't getting hammered.

Additionally, issuing `gnunet-transport -in` dumps a limited amount of MQ errors [in ats logs] with UDP enabled, but silent otherwise.

Christian Grothoff

2019-05-02 14:26

manager   ~0014368

I'm not sure this is related to the local DNS request, usually those errors appear after a while just in general AFAIK. And getting this mess under control is why I'm rewriting TRANSPORT/ATS in the "TNG" redesign these days...

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