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0008954Talerreleasepublic2024-06-23 18:54
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Summary0008954: Non-systemd reliance
DescriptionFor platforms like Alpine/Gentoo (using OpenRC), or Docker/Podman (where running systemd is generally considered bad practice & should be avoided d), we need to [be able to] handle:
- Automatically Restarting of Process
- Shared Socket Access
without Systemd.

An example architecture for this would be to have 2 layers; a shell script that simply handles forking & restarting(1) the processes, and a Rust/C/Go wrapper that creates said socket before spawning the bash process (2, as bash cannot start a socket it owns on it's own).
Additional Information(1) This part would be composed of 2 parts: a function that checks if the process dies (and how fast it does so), and restarts it either immediately or after some delay, and a loop that kills the process on an interval (& lets the restart handler start it again)
(2) This part would simply open a socket if the config tells it that it's a Taler component that needs it, then spawn part 1. This part is needed as to ensure that the bash script - and thereby also it's children - have access to the socket. Signals should be passed 1:1 to the child bash script, and if the child dies (inclusive as a result of a signal we send it), we should exit with the exact same code. The user should not need to know that the process they spawned internally runs a bash script, they should be able to send signals to the rust process and get the outcome they expect.

^ Based on a discussion with Christian
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