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Summary0005789: website simple introduction (and more)
DescriptionCommon recurring question:

> CDSlice 12 hours ago [-]
> What exactly is GNUnet? It says it is supposed to replace the old internet stack, but that it also runs on top of it? It looks like it is some kind of research project, so do I just not have enough background information to understand what they are saying?
> Can anyone ELI5 what GNUnet is and why I should care about it?

>> amatus 11 hours ago [-]
>>Here's a few things GNUnet replaces and why it's better:
>>Bittorrent is replaced by GNUnet "filesharing", it's trackerless, it provides a search function, users can adjust their level of anonymity for publishing, downloading, and searching.
>>DNS is replaced by "GNS", it covers the "decentralized" and "secure" points in Zooko's triangle, it a pet name system.
>>VPN is replaced by GNUnet VPN, which is just VPN over GNUnet so it can take advantage of the p2p network.
>>TCP/UDP/SPDY/QUIC is replaced by "cadet", takes advantage of the p2p network.
>>There's also a DHT.
>>And there's lots of other stuff that's in-progress.

>>>>ng0 10 hours ago [-]
>>>>We should maybe include a "GNUnet in 5 minutes or less" on the website. The old LEGO analogy is nice, and lynX did a great comparison here: We don't really need the ISO OSI model here, but even this can be added, as we've already used it throughout the years to compare to the GNUnet stack.

Tasks resulting from this:

1. Write a "GNUnet explained in 5 minutes or less", which might as well be a small presentation to link to, heck even a video.

2. Include visuals for comparison (a variation of lynX stack-comparison + a comparison to ISO OSI which we used over the years)

3. reuse our LEGO model (used in some parts of the documentation) in parts of the website.

Yet to be determined where, up for discussion here.
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