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0008827Talerwallet (Android App)public2024-06-04 19:10
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Summary0008827: Fastline app description translation missing on Weblate
DescriptionAll android apps have a fastline directory with app description and screenshots

The first problem is that in the F-Droid the app icon and screenshots aren't shown:

This may happen because the F-Droid checks for the fastlane folder in the repo root but the same repo is used for all three apps and each has own the fastlane directory.

Check yourself it docs about the the required structure:

Another problem is that we can't translate these descriptions because they aren't added to Weblate:
Here we have only translations of the app itself

To add the metadata translation you have to add a separate component in the Weblate
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2024-05-22 10:10

reporter   ~0022453

I think that the proper solution would be to split the repository to separate git repos.
They basically have their own life cycle and are already big enough to live their own life.


2024-06-04 19:09

developer   ~0022507

Separating the apps into different repositories would be ideal, however, doing so would require additional work, since some of those submodules are not apps, but rather utility libraries that are shared internally between the actual apps. In order to split the repository, the utility libraries would have to be either published as Maven libraries, or re-organized as Git submodules that we can manage separately. Currently not a priority, but still open to consideration.

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