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0007671Talerexchange API (C)public2023-04-04 15:54
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Summary0007671: replace positional parameter for named parameters in taler-exchange-offline
DescriptionFor example, instead of this

taler-exchange-offline -c $CONFIG global-fee 2020 $CURRENCY:0 $CURRENCY:0 $CURRENCY:0 1year 1year 10 upload

It should be like this

taler-exchange-offline -c $CONFIG global-fee --year 2020 --history-fee $CURRENCY:0 --account-fee $CURRENCY:0 --purse-fee $CURRENCY:0 --purse-timeout 1year --history-expiration 1year --purse-account-limit 10

and maybe, even can be partially filled

taler-exchange-offline -c $CONFIG global-fee --year 2020 --history-fee $CURRENCY:0 --account-fee $CURRENCY:0 --purse-fee $CURRENCY:0
taler-exchange-offline -c $CONFIG global-fee --purse-timeout 1year --history-expiration 1year --purse-account-limit 10
taler-exchange-offline upload

So it will be harder to break when adding/removing parameters in global-fee and wire-fee

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Christian Grothoff

2023-02-11 23:04

manager   ~0019804

I'm not sure using named parameters is helpful for taler-exchange-offline: there really all parameters are needed, they are not optional. And it is actually good for it to break hard instead of doing something even slightly different from what the user intended.

taler-exchange-offline is NOT a tool we'd expect people to ever mess around with without studying the manual closely. And it is better if the scripts break hard, than if they configure something to some 'default' value that is not the right one.

Florian Dold

2023-02-12 17:15

manager   ~0019806

Discussed offline: We don't want defaults, the command is supposed to break when a new fee is added. Only experts should use the commands in the first place.

But, for usability reasons, we should (IMHO) still eventually do positional arguments, but that's just a syntactic change, which will in turn break existing scripts.

So this is lower-priority.

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