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Summary0008904: Add Multipath TCP (MPTCP) support

First, thank you for developing and maintaining this useful lib!

Could it be possible to add MPTCP support on Linux please?

> Multipath TCP or MPTCP is an extension to the standard TCP and is described in RFC 8684. It allows a device to make use of multiple interfaces at once to send and receive TCP packets over a single MPTCP connection. MPTCP can aggregate the bandwidth of multiple interfaces or prefer the one with the lowest latency. It also allows a fail-over if one path is down, and the traffic is seamlessly reinjected on other paths.

Please see this website for more details:

Adding MPTCP support in applications is very simple: when creating the socket, the `IPPROTO_MPTCP` flag has to be set instead of TCP, e.g.:


That's it! Note that when MPTCP is not supported by the kernel, this syscall will fail. If needed, the app can decide to create a "plain" TCP one instead. For more details:

Also, when a listening MPTCP socket is created, MPTCP will only be used when requested by the client. If not, the 'accepted' socket will be a plain TCP one, like before. Thanks to that, and with a minimal impact on the "existing traffic", MPTCP can easily be enabled by default on the server side.


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