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0007174Talerotherpublic2023-09-04 02:58
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Summary0007174: document conventions for HTTP Content-Type, consider allowing (or requiring?) document type versioning
DescriptionMost Taler services don't consistently enforce checks for the Content-Type header value. We just tend to assume that it's JSON.

We probably want to be more strict with this.

Generally, "application/json" should be appropriate, but doesn't allow versioning.

We could consider always requiring the following Content-Type header (and also consistently using it in the content negotiation for other requests):


The MIME type follows RFC 6839 (
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Christian Grothoff

2022-02-19 22:03

manager   ~0018704

I've filed an application for application/ and application/vnd.gnu.taler.merchant with IANA at -- let's see what they say.


2022-02-25 09:23

developer   ~0018720

Where would such documentation live?

Christian Grothoff

2022-03-01 00:23

manager   ~0018754

We've now registered the media types:

ttn: I think the documentation for them should probably go into core/api-common.rst, as this is something across REST API calls.


2022-03-01 19:02

developer   ~0018759

@Christian Grothoff
IIUC the new types have required parameter "version".
To properly document this, i need to understand:
- What happens when that parameter is omitted?
- What happens when "version" is "too high" or "too low" (two different cases)?
- I assume that the is for communication w/ Exchange,
  while vnd.gnu.taler.merchant is for Merchant. Is that correct? Are there
  situations where both need to be involved at the same time?

I'm happy to look at source code if you have a pointer handy.

Christian Grothoff

2022-03-01 20:07

manager   ~0018760

Omitted: should be 400 Bad request.
Wrong range: I'd go for 501 Not implemented.
Yes, either merchant or exchange, never both. We may in the future request additional types for the auditor, sync and Anastasis.

Oh, and this is NOT implemented, we document -first- and then implement usually. So please document it, and then this bug should remain open until it is implemented!

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