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0006433GNUnettransport servicepublic2024-05-03 13:59
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Summary0006433: Writing a test to simulate an attack on the tcp communicator KX to test the replay protection.
DescriptionThere is a replay protection for the tcp communicator implemented using a nonce send together with the ephemeral key. If the nonce is not send back the queue will be destroyed. To test this there has to be a peer not sending back the nonce within the defined limits. One possible way to do this is to build a variant of the tcp communicator to be used for the second peer in the communicator test. This second build changes some parts of the communicator code to send a wrong challenge or none at all.


related to 0005530 closedschanzen add replay protection to TCP communicator 
related to 0005710 confirmed TNG meta issue 


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