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0008440TalerWeb site(s)public2024-03-08 20:55
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Summary0008440: Add news section on the NGI Taler page to have links to news items related to the project
DescriptionComment #1: Please make a news section on the NGI Taler page to have links to news items related to the project; the link can go to the news item you already have.

Comment #2: Maybe we can have a boolean toggle to make existing news show up on the NGI TALER page (or not)? I suspect most should go into both, but I guess it can't hurt to have an option to suppress a news item (like the MHD 1.0 announcement) from the consortium page if it is clearly not a deliverable.
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2024-02-23 13:06

developer   ~0021473

A) In the events list on the page ngi-taler.html should be an inverse order of events.

B) There is an inconsistency at one events entry with "None" as content (this should be easy to correct in the properties.yml or in some scripting files):

2024-02-29: Taler - The Future of Money You Can Actually Hold in 2024

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