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0005650GNUnetstatistics servicepublic2019-03-16 17:55
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Summary0005650: Metrics collected by statistics lack canonical identifiers
Description$ gnunet-statistics -s nse

          nse # flood messages received: 13
          nse # peers connected: 4
          nse # nodes in the network (estimate): 203
          nse # flood messages started: 5
          nse # estimated network diameter: 3
          nse # flood messages transmitted: 10

With such verbose keys there's no easy way to form compact JSON document or entries for time-series database.

And you can't query single stats without having to copypaste the line exactly and put in quotes:

    $ gnunet-statistics -s nse -n "# nodes in the network (estimate)"

instead of

    gnunet-statistics -s nse -n network.nodes
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