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0006563Talerdocumentationpublic2023-04-04 15:57
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Target Version0.9.5 
Summary0006563: document recommended rules for wallet's auto-refresh
DescriptionThe wallet currently implements very simple rules for auto-refresh:

1. After 75% of a denomination's "deposit lifespan" has passed, we do "auto-refresh check" for all coins of the exchange
2. During this auto-refresh check, all coins that are >50% into their deposit lifespan are auto-refreshed.

This heuristic makes sure that we don't to many separate refreshes.

But I recall that Christian had some more thoughts on this, but I can't find this discussion anymore.

We have to make sure that the rules allow for an easy estimation of the refresh cost in "fee summary" that the wallet generates for the wallet (for exchanges where the fee structure satisfies certain, yet to be defined, rules for a "reasonable" fee structure).
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