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0006914Talerwallet (TS core)public2022-10-20 11:24
Reportersebasjm Assigned ToFlorian Dold  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Version0.9.1 
Summary0006914: "annual fee for sync service" gets paid by another wallet, original wallet does not update provider status
DescriptionSetup a sync service with wallet webextension
If the order gets paid by another wallet (like the wallet-cli) then the webextension can use the service but reports unpaid provider.

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2021-07-06 16:26 sebasjm New Issue
2021-07-06 16:26 sebasjm Status new => assigned
2021-07-06 16:26 sebasjm Assigned To => Florian Dold
2021-08-24 20:31 Christian Grothoff Target Version git (master) => 0.8.5
2022-10-20 10:45 Christian Grothoff Target Version 0.8.5 => 0.9
2022-10-20 11:24 Christian Grothoff Priority normal => low
2022-10-20 11:24 Christian Grothoff Target Version 0.9 => 0.9.1