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Released 2022-09-26
WebUI and 6-FA.
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Released 2021-09-30
Advanced business features.
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Released 2021-08-31
original design feature-complete
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Released 2021-08-14
First usable version.
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Released 2018-03-30
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Released 2006-05-02
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Not Yet Released
  • 0008820: [transport service] Improper handling of natted address not being found in check_for_global_natted in gnunet-transport-service (schanzen)
  • 0008817: [transport service] Neighbour.natted_addresses isn't destroyed in free_neighbour in gnunet-service-transport (t3sserakt)
  • 0008818: [transport service] consider_sending_fc in gnunet-service-transport incorrectly populates the addresses of its TransportFlowControlMessage (schanzen)
  • 0008837: [util library] clear API for private keys should use secure memset_s (schanzen)
  • 0008812: [transport service] memory leak in extract_address in tcp communicator (schanzen)
  • 0008811: [transport service] struct SharedSecret not cleaned up when destroying sender or receiver in udp communicator (schanzen)
  • 0008810: [DHT service] segmentation fault when stopping gnunet-service-dht (schanzen)
  • 0008809: [topology daemon] memory leak in gnunet-daemon-topology (schanzen)
  • 0008808: [set service] memory leak in strata_estimator_destroy in gnunet-service-setu_strata_estimator.c (Florian Dold)
  • 0008807: [peerstore] memory leak when freeing struct Iteration in gnunet-service-peerstore (schanzen)
  • 0008806: [build process] ./bootstrap fails when ./.git doesn't exist (schanzen)
  • 0008814: [transport service] memory leaks in mq_init of both tcp and udp communicators (schanzen)
  • 0008815: [transport service] ReceiverAddress.d_mq isn't destroyed if it hasn't yet been registered in udp communicator (schanzen)
  • 0008816: [transport service] tcp communicator creates multiple statistics handles (schanzen)
  • 0008819: [transport service] contains_address in gnunet-service-transport incorrectly uses GNUNET_memcmp (schanzen)
  • 0008821: [core service] memory leak in gnunet-core CLI (schanzen)
  • 0008822: [transport service] two more memory leaks in gnunet-service-transport (schanzen)
  • 0008786: [util library] use-after-free in finish_client_drop when GNUNET_SERVICE_stop is used (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008796: [messenger service] aligned member accesses to misaligned GNUNET_MESSENGER_RoomEntryRecord (thejackimonster)
  • 0008793: [peerstore] memory leaks in peerstore api (schanzen)
  • 0008797: [peerstore] Access of member of null pointer struct (segmentation fault) in gnunet-service-peerstore (schanzen)
  • 0008798: [util library] zero-size variable array declaration in GNUNET_CRYPTO_symmetric_encrypt (schanzen)
  • 0008795: [GNS] memory leak in test_gnsrecord_testvectors (schanzen)
  • 0008794: [peerstore] memory leak in peerstore_api_monitor (schanzen)
  • 0008792: [peerstore] memory leak in gnunet-service-peerstore (schanzen)
  • 0008791: [util library] memory leak in test_gnsrecord_block_expiration (schanzen)
  • 0008790: [GNS] memory leak in test_gnsrecord_block_expiration (schanzen)
  • 0007651: [DHT service] "Memory leak" in gnunet-dht-get and gnunet-dht-put (schanzen)
  • 0008789: [transport service] memory leaks in transport-testing-communicator.c (schanzen)
  • 0008787: [namestore service] use-after-free in handle_edit_record_set (schanzen)
  • 0008703: [reclaim] Consuming a ticket does not rely on the subjects key (schanzen)
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Released 2024-03-15
  • 0006098: [transport service] [TNG] UDP communicator performance issues (t3sserakt)
  • 0007904: [messenger service] Flathub: GNUnet Messenger (Messenger-GTK) flatpak is still v0.7.0 (thejackimonster)
  • 0007430: [documentation] Add hellos share dir to documentation (schanzen)
  • 0008598: [transport service] Peers loose connectivity after a period of time (t3sserakt)
  • 0005712: [peerstore] add logic to preload peerstore with information (t3sserakt)
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Released 2024-03-06
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Not Yet Released
  • 0008620: [libextractor main library] libextractor searches tidy-html include as <tidy/tidy.h>; is packaged simply as <tidy.h> (Christian Grothoff)
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Released 2023-12-05
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Released 2023-12-02
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Released 2021-01-30
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Released 2020-07-02
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  • 0007757: [external API] MHD_add_response_header set by MHD_create_response_from_callback continues to execute MHD_queue_response and cannot continue to (Christian Grothoff)
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Released 2023-05-28
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Not Yet Released
Critical bug fixes.
  • 0008420: [libeufin (general)] package and upload libeufin 0.11 to ftp and stable Debian/Ubuntu server [estimate: 1h] (Christian Grothoff)
  •        0008010: [libeufin-nexus] Model the bank account type in nexus: exchange or not. (Antoine A)
  •        0008317: [libeufin-nexus] Wire gateway API (Antoine A)
  • 0008156: [exchange] test, package and upload exchange 0.11 to ftp and stable Debian/Ubuntu server (Christian Grothoff)
  •        0008255: [exchange AML backoffice (SPA)] improve dynamic forms (sebasjm)
  •        0008256: [specification] update AML forms documentation (sebasjm)
  • 0008093: [libeufin-bank] Make bank transaction API idempotent (sebasjm)
  • 0007956: [merchant backoffice SPA] allows templates to ONLY require a particular currency without also fixing a specific amount (sebasjm)
  • 0008099: [wallet-core] extend transaction Withdrawal to incorporate states before accepting the operation [10h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008298: [wallet (Android App)] DD48: wallet exchange lifecycle and management (grote)
  • 0008392: [wallet (WebExtension)] KYC alert does not show up top-level (sebasjm)
  • 0008393: [challenger] form auto-fill does not work (sebasjm)
  • 0008396: [challenger] challenger complains that matching e-mail addresses do not match (sebasjm)
  • 0008398: [challenger] can keep changing e-mail indefinitively often (sebasjm)
  • 0008421: [other] finalize 0.11 roadmap [deadline: 30. April] (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008423: [challenger] TAN input field not pre-selected for input (sebasjm)
  • 0008470: [merchant backoffice SPA] when creating a merchant backend instance, "type" is insufficiently explained (sebasjm)
  • 0008495: [wallet (WebExtension)] ux: consider making it possible to somehow import a taler:// URI from the "add money" dialog (sebasjm)
  • 0008550: [wallet-core] allow manual labels for DB transaction in wallet-core [estimate: 3h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008580: [wallet-core] review code for consistent normalization/checking of base URLs [estimate: 3h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008604: [merchant backoffice SPA] problems with login/impersonation (sebasjm)
  • 0008615: [wallet (all platforms)] show exchange accounts by priority ... (grote)
  • 0008617: [wallet (iOS App)] payment buttons grayed out when NETZBON balance <1 NETZBON (MarcS)
  • 0008632: [exchange AML backoffice (SPA)] review AML dynamic forms (sebasjm)
  • 0008691: [specification] specify advanced (bank-integrated) withdrawal flow with 2FA considerations [estimate: 5h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008694: [wallet (Android App)] Add support for financial loss transactions (grote)
  • 0008697: [wallet (Android App)] Add support for taler://dev-experiment URI (grote)
  • 0008709: [taler-harness] add support to taler-harness CLI for config editing [estimate: 3h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008723: [deployment and operations] Fix weblate issue with gpg key to git commit (javier.sepulveda)
  • 0008724: [mechant backend] By configuring the bank account in the Taler Merchant Backend, https should be removed (sebasjm)
  • 0008726: [wallet (Android App)] implement DD53 design unification on Android (grote)
  • 0008730: [libeufin-nexus] support "gls" dialect (Antoine A)
  • 0008735: [wallet (WebExtension)] search transaction button (sebasjm)
  • 0008736: [deployment and operations] password shown on screen (step 1.1) (Antoine A)
  • 0008737: [deployment and operations] netzbon installer failed hard in step 10.1 (Antoine A)
  • 0008738: [deployment and operations] regional currency installer still outputs legacy URI (Antoine A)
  • 0008739: [mechant backend] allow host with pathname in payto://x-taler-bank (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008743: [wallet-core] wallet-core doesn't start task to update exchange entries on startup [1h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008746: [wallet-core] fix auto refund (sebasjm)
  • 0008747: [documentation] GNU Taler slides (spanish) (javier.sepulveda)
  • 0008756: [wallet-core] p2p transactions must handle more than 256 coins / max batch size [1.5h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008757: [wallet-core] taler-wallet-cli run-until-done doesn't write observability log [0.5h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008758: [wallet-core] expose information about retry counter(s) and tasks for debugging (Florian Dold)
  • 0008762: [libeufin-nexus] nexus is missing some simple CLI tooling to show ingested transactions / payment initiations (Antoine A)
  • 0008781: [libeufin-bank] cashout limits per account (Antoine A)
  • 0008776: [libeufin-nexus] for gls/zka dialect, libeufin-nexus should also fetch camt.52 (Antoine A)
  • 0008780: [wallet (iOS App)] iOS wallet crashes (MarcS)
  • 0008782: [deployment and operations] subdomain pos.taler.net (javier.sepulveda)
  • 0008783: [merchant backoffice SPA] merchant SPA fails to URL encode bearer token (sebasjm)
  • 0008824: [libeufin-bank] creating an account with min cashout doesn't set min cashout (Antoine A)
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Released 2024-04-15
Polishing. Issues that were not critical for Netzbon launch, but clearly good to have early on for real users.

Monitoring and Observability. Some components are a black box right now, and it is hard to diagnose issues without reading the logs.
  • 0008053: [sandcastle (containerized demo deployment)] sandcastle-ng should have systemd timer to run update exchange keys (dvn)
  • 0008245: [release] upload final 0.10 webext to Chrome Web Store [estimate: 1h] (Florian Dold)
  •        0008085: [wallet (WebExtension)] cannot delete purchase in state pending(auto-refund) from history (Florian Dold)
  • 0008705: [deployment and operations] deploy and test 0.10 components in sandcastle [estimate: 3h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0005954: [libeufin (general)] look for or implement better alternative to JAXB (Antoine A)
  • 0006085: [libeufin-nexus] abstract out ebics version (Antoine A)
  • 0007879: [libeufin-nexus] Implement EBICS 3.0 keying. (Antoine A)
  • 0007986: [libeufin (general)] config time unit should support entire unit names (Antoine A)
  • 0008090: [libeufin-bank] bank should abort b-i-withdrawal operations automatically after 15 minutes (Antoine A)
  • 0008150: [wallet-core] Codespell fails (sebasjm)
  • 0008489: [wallet (WebExtension)] Browser HttpRequestLib improvements (sebasjm)
  • 0008502: [deployment and operations] Regional currency tutorial - Improve architecture diagram (javier.sepulveda)
  • 0008584: [libeufin-nexus] Provide better error messages to libeufin-nexus ebics-setup (Antoine A)
  • 0008602: [deployment and operations] regio: custom/manual setup instructions have invalid bash for account restrictions (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008608: [mechant backend] implement GET for templates (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008612: [wallet (iOS App)] iOS shows wrong currency symbol (KUDOS symbol?) when scanning taler://withdraw-exchange QR code (MarcS)
  • 0008658: [mechant backend] handle_config_finished: num_eci should be size_t (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008663: [mechant backend] no systemd target for taler-merchant? (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008702: [wallet (Android App)] publish Android app with wallet-core v0.10.1 (avalos)
  • 0005059: [wallet-core] implement test case where an exchange's master public key changes [estimate: 5h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0006503: [wallet-core] integration test for payment that stays pending due to funds being locked behind a pending refresh [estimate: 4h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0006585: [wallet-core] wallet should support re-denomination of withdrawal and refresh operations (Florian Dold)
  • 0007935: [wallet-core] make sure refresh transactions refresh remaining amount if requested amount is not available anymore [estimate: 2h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008097: [wallet-core] getBalances has confusing semantics for pendingOutgoing amount [estimate: 3h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008124: [wallet-core] refresh transactions should fail in certain circumstances instead of retrying forever [estimate: 2h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008239: [wallet (iOS App)] The iOS wallet should implement rendering of refresh transactions (MarcS)
  • 0008251: [wallet-core] P2P payments fail strangely when exchange global fees are not configured (Florian Dold)
  • 0008252: [wallet (Android App)] Android wallet fails to show transactions in chronological order (grote)
  • 0008257: [wallet-core] wallet-core checkPeerPushDebit and getWithdrawalDetailsForAmount requests are extremely slow for larger amounts [estimate: 8h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008267: [wallet-core] make sure that balance-change notifications come after the corresponding transaction transitioned (Florian Dold)
  • 0008283: [wallet-core] wallet-core should surface per-exchange flag that indicates "no fees are charged" (Florian Dold)
  • 0008324: [wallet (iOS App)] refresh transactions with 0 balance shown, in pending, cannot be aborted or deleted (MarcS)
  • 0008329: [wallet (Android App)] DD51: fractional digits (grote)
  • 0008528: [specification] DD53: decide on consistent terminology for p2p payments (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008707: [exchange] /keys (and /terms) headers enable tracking of wallets (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008712: [mechant backend] Problem installing the Ubuntu package of the merchant (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008713: [mechant backend] crash getting otp devices by id (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008290: [deployment and operations] rennovate systemd user units on taler-test@gv and demo@gv (dvn)
  • 0008327: [wallet-core] Expired coins should be listed as "expired" transaction [estimate: 2h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008407: [wallet-core] report outdated coins with a correct error and reduce balance when denominations become unoffered [estimate: 5h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008422: [wallet (Android App)] Transactions should be displayed by scopeInfo instead of currency (grote)
  • 0008491: [wallet-core] purging an exchange should really delete everything associated with it (Florian Dold)
  • 0008509: [wallet (Android App)] show observability events in Android UI in dev mode (grote)
  • 0008549: [wallet (Android App)] Paying p2p invoice without sufficient balance shows improper error (grote)
  • 0008552: [wallet (Android App)] Android wallet does not render peer-push-debit transaction in state pending(refresh-expired) correctly (avalos)
  • 0008568: [wallet-core] wallet should wait for refreshes when initiating outgoing transactions instead of failing with error [estimate: 12h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008599: [deployment and operations] regio: don't store admin bank password on file system (Antoine A)
  • 0008601: [deployment and operations] regio: line for account restrictions is not easily copy-paste-able from the manual (Antoine A)
  • 0008605: [merchant backoffice SPA] when asking for a login token, show the login/username in the dialog (sebasjm)
  • 0006080: [libeufin-nexus] understand format of pain.002 (Antoine A)
  • 0007857: [wallet-core] wallet-core should immediately re-try processing a transaction once a dependent transaction changes status (Florian Dold)
  • 0007926: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] all webapps should save erros in a map and remove them there problems fix itselfs (sebasjm)
  • 0008376: [wallet-core] address FIXME comment test-refund.ts that claims the test is incomplete (Florian Dold)
  • 0008460: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] bank SPA should allow exporting information to be imported in merchant SPA (sebasjm)
  • 0008467: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] consider showing how much can be withdrawn inside the "withdraw into Taler wallet" dialog (sebasjm)
  • 0008490: [wallet-core] remove httpResp from operation result (sebasjm)
  • 0008520: [libeufin (general)] Better TAN message (Antoine A)
  •        0008522: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] Trim TAN code prefix in 2FA form (sebasjm)
  • 0008577: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] Support cashout payto receiver-name (sebasjm)
  • 0008618: [wallet (Android App)] when scanning taler://withdraw-exchange QR code, stays on home screen for a while, then suddenly switches to withdrawal (grote)
  • 0008619: [wallet-core] wallet-core should pass new exchange bank account display hints to UIs (Florian Dold)
  •        0008000: [exchange] return more information about exchange bank accounts (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008621: [documentation] frags/regional-system-on.rst needs description on how to test libeufin is working! (Antoine A)
  • 0008636: [deployment and operations] write basic scripts for diagnosing the regio deployment (Florian Dold)
  • 0008647: [wallet (Android App)] Implement native networking (avalos)
  • 0008653: [wallet-core] update coin selection algorithm: do not use amortization [estimate: 2h] (Florian Dold)
  • 0008654: [merchant backoffice SPA] create merchant http api (sebasjm)
  • 0008655: [merchant backoffice SPA] remove all HTTP api, use the new one (sebasjm)
  • 0008660: [taler-harness] create a script to setup merchant accounts (sebasjm)
  • 0008666: [specification] spec taler://add-exchange URI (with new semantics!) (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008700: [libeufin-nexus] ingestion cut-off date (Antoine A)
  • 0008681: [wallet (WebExtension)] taler://withdraw-exchange/ broken in strange way (sebasjm)
  • 0008693: [wallet (WebExtension)] test new tx: denomination lost (sebasjm)
  • 0008696: [libeufin-sandbox] wrong amount of days in march (Antoine A)
  • 0008699: [deployment and operations] regio: set display-hint (Antoine A)
  • 0007118: [other] merchant demos doesn't install all dependencies (dvn)
  • 0007977: [qtart] unfair task scheduling in QuickJS runtime (Florian Dold)
  • 0008016: [wallet-core] review balance-changed notification and pending incoming amounts (MarcS)
  • 0008323: [wallet (iOS App)] zero balance - no history (MarcS)
  • 0008364: [release] test, package and upload merchant 0.10 to ftp and stable Debian/Ubuntu server (Christian Grothoff)
  •        0008638: [merchant backoffice SPA] Return default and fixed fields in the GET request of the template (sebasjm)
  •        0008722: [merchant backoffice SPA] finish test, publish the prebuilt (sebasjm)
  •        0007924: [merchant backoffice SPA] all spa should query /config, handle network errors nicely (sebasjm)
  •        0008276: [merchant backoffice SPA] SPA does not validate bank account credentials (sebasjm)
  •        0008279: [merchant backoffice SPA] pressing 'enter' does not activate 'set access token' button (sebasjm)
  •        0008358: [merchant backoffice SPA] if a user deletes all bank accounts, they still should be able to see orders (sebasjm)
  •        0008128: [mechant backend] merchant backend HTML pages should use window.taler API to trigger wallet (sebasjm)
  •        0008363: [merchant backoffice SPA] SPA still accesses deprecated /instances/default/ endpoint(s) (sebasjm)
  •        0008361: [merchant backoffice SPA] pay deadline shown in timeline of already paid orders (sebasjm)
  • 0008365: [release] package and upload libeufin 0.10 to ftp and stable Debian/Ubuntu server (Christian Grothoff)
  •        0008169: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] do not ask for Internal IBAN in SPA on account creation (sebasjm)
  •        0008170: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] Username character set restrictions? (Antoine A)
  •        0007520: [libeufin-bank] Implement policy to abort non confirmed cashout operations. (Antoine A)
  •        0008080: [libeufin-bank] Account deletion for account with a transaction history (Antoine A)
  •        0008296: [libeufin (general)] implement migration tests (Antoine A)
  •        0006258: [libeufin-nexus] Track outgoing transaction status (Antoine A)
  •        0006368: [libeufin-nexus] test message chunking (Antoine A)
  •        0008127: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] bank SPA should use window.taler to trigger wallet (Florian Dold)
  •        0008173: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] main SPA page layout and text (sebasjm)
  •        0008291: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] hitting enter in forms (sebasjm)
  • 0008386: [wallet (iOS App)] AppStore Release (MarcS)
  •        0008531: [wallet (iOS App)] account info for x-taler-bank not rendered properly (MarcS)
  • 0008424: [wallet (WebExtension)] wallet shows silly hint in withdraw details (sebasjm)
  • 0008432: [wallet (WebExtension)] when aborting the first and only withdrawal transaction, the UI doesn't show it anymore (sebasjm)
  • 0008494: [wallet (WebExtension)] improve usability of QR code scanning page (sebasjm)
  • 0008503: [deployment and operations] Mount taler-ops-www.git on https://stage.taler-ops.ch (dvn)
  • 0008534: [wallet (Android App)] make "open in bank app" / share button work for manual withdrawal (grote)
  • 0008541: [libeufin (general)] disable services by default (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008545: [wallet (iOS App)] Accessibility: text hints for VoiceOver should always use the full currency name, not the symbol (MarcS)
  • 0008551: [deployment and operations] gbp:error: Dch failed: debchange: error: v0.9.4-dev.29 is not a valid version (dvn)
  • 0008560: [Web site(s)] Website taler.net/es - Typos and improvements (Stefan)
  • 0008578: [libeufin-bank-ui (SPA)] Use bank name from the /config endpoint (sebasjm)
  • 0008579: [Web site(s)] Refurbish FAQs and replace IRC link with link to TALER ICH, remove any reference to the Taler IRC channel from taler.net (Stefan)
  • 0008585: [Web site(s)] Weblate Spanish translation - Anastasis - 20% (Stefan)
  • 0008592: [deployment and operations] reduce netdata spam (javier.sepulveda)
  • 0008607: [merchant backoffice SPA] after merchant instance creation, the first screen looks like something went from due to the frowny face (sebasjm)
  • 0008610: [wallet (Android App)] Android wallet wrongly shows insufficient balance when scanning taler://pay-template URI without internet (grote)
  • 0008611: [wallet (iOS App)] iOS manual withdrawal does not show beneficiary name (MarcS)
  • 0008616: [wallet (iOS App)] iOS wallet needs to support force-reload of exchange entries (MarcS)
  • 0008623: [deployment and operations] regional currency setup should automate taler-exchange-offline maintenance (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008625: [deployment and operations] Additional nginx configurations - Anastasis long-polling (javier.sepulveda)
  • 0008626: [deployment and operations] Change domain DMARC email address (javier.sepulveda)
  • 0008627: [deployment and operations] Adding extra emails to taler2023ngi.git mailing list - (emails.txt) (javier.sepulveda)
  • 0008634: [deployment and operations] Apply version control to /etc folder - anastasis.lu (javier.sepulveda)
  • 0008635: [libeufin-bank] add bank_url in /config (Antoine A)
  • 0008639: [libeufin-bank] Fix account creation idempotency (Antoine A)
  • 0008645: [libeufin-nexus] FIx cashin idempotency when conversion is enabled (Antoine A)
  • 0008646: [deployment and operations] Merchant CI fails building Debian package (dvn)
  • 0008657: [wallet-core] Virgin wallet: After scanning a withdraw-exchange QR code, showing data to the user takes waayyyy too long (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008661: [deployment and operations] Nginx redirection (javier.sepulveda)
  • 0008715: [mechant backend] Problem with db installation in binary package for Ubuntu (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008683: [deployment and operations] taler-ops CI dumps on taler.net, but is not served from there (dvn)
  • 0008701: [wallet (iOS App)] iOS wallet should render observability events (MarcS)
  • 0008716: [merchant backoffice SPA] wrong refund deadline (sebasjm)
  • 0008717: [mechant backend] add timestamp of "when order was actually paid" in order status (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008718: [libeufin-bank] change reference from `demobank-ui` to `bank-ui` (Antoine A)
  • 0008729: [documentation] update payment flow .pml file (Christian Grothoff)
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Released 2018-06-06
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Released 2012-06-06
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Released 2020-11-14
  • 0006538: [General] gnunet 'make install' puts its libraries where gnunet-gtk configure script cannot find them (schanzen)
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Released 2020-08-02
  • 0006424: [other] gnunet-namestore-gtk does not allow "." when creating an identity (schanzen)
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Released 2019-09-15
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Released 2021-04-04
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