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0007056AnastasisGeneralpublic2022-09-26 20:50
Reportersebasjm Assigned ToFlorian Dold  
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Target Version0.3.0Fixed in Version0.3.0 
Summary0007056: anastasis reducer: make actions consistent
DescriptionThe reducer has a "principal-state" defined by the property "recovery_state" or "backup_state" and sub-states depending on the "principal-state"

My proposal:
1.- principal-state should only change with actions "back" and "next". "next" should validate that the sub-state is correct before moving and "back" should always clean up the sub-state.
2.- other actions should not change the "recovery_state" or "backup_state" property.

Current implementation:
It almost follow this rule.
Some case like action "select_country" in state "CountrySelecting" doesn't.

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Christian Grothoff

2022-04-12 22:16

manager   ~0018859

Not quite. 'next' should take no arguments, but sometimes we do need arguments! With the latest change to next=>select_version, this is now consistent (and Florian & Christian are OK with it).

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