Released 2022-09-26
WebUI and 6-FA.
0007036: [C reducer implementation] reducer returns odd error message when one provider is offline (Christian Grothoff)
0007044: [C reducer implementation] C reducer returns malformed error response when provider is offline (Christian Grothoff)
0007046: [anastasis-gtk] birth date selection sometimes freezes up "next" button (Christian Grothoff)
0007047: [C reducer implementation] reducer crashes with SIGSEGV if policy is malformed (Christian Grothoff)
0007051: [General] anastasis copyright headers contain a mix of LGPL and AGPL (Christian Grothoff)
0007059: [anastasis-webui] pressing the "enter" key should go to the next step (sebasjm)
0007073: [backend] policy payment long polling not documented and too high by default (Christian Grothoff)
0007074: [reducer spec] poll / authentication-timeout confusing (Christian Grothoff)
0007075: [anastasis-webui] layout shift when loading anastasis-webui (sebasjm)
0007076: [anastasis-webui] implement provider editing (sebasjm)
0007078: [anastasis-gtk] show provider name instead of URL where available (Christian Grothoff)
0007083: [anastasis-gtk] unclear which user attributes are 'bad' (Christian Grothoff)
0007087: [anastasis-gtk] enter for 'next' (Christian Grothoff)
0007093: [anastasis-webui] secret name not shown (sebasjm)
0007096: [General] error message shown when entering bad user attributes during recovery confusing (Christian Grothoff)
0007098: [reducer spec] deny 1-FA (Christian Grothoff)
0007117: [backend] --disable-doc configure option ignored (Christian Grothoff)
0007011: [General] add support for more countries (Christian Grothoff)
0007037: [backend] backend tests are failing during payment (Florian Dold)
0007045: [C reducer implementation] use clearer names for various salt values (Christian Grothoff)
0007048: [backend] backend frequently crashes during backups (Florian Dold)
0007050: [C reducer implementation] recovery state has obscure and/or wrong field names (Christian Grothoff)
0007054: [backend] backend should report more details when rate-limiting truth solving / challenge sending attempts (Christian Grothoff)
0007056: [General] anastasis reducer: make actions consistent (Florian Dold)
0007062: [anastasis-webui] policy editing should have a "restore default suggestion button" (Florian Dold)
0007063: [C reducer implementation] C reducer upload fee computation includes providers that are not part of any policy (Florian Dold)
0007061: [reducer spec] all sum types should have a type/tag field to identify the arm (Florian Dold)
0007064: [REST API] GET /truths/ endpoint is problematic (Florian Dold)
0007065: [reducer spec] review types of challenge feedback (sebasjm)
0007066: [packaging] installing and uninstalling the anastasis-httpd package results in broken DB (Christian Grothoff)
0007067: [anastasis-webui] scss warnings (sebasjm)
0007068: [TypeScript reducer implementation] TypeScript reducer does not allow version selection (Florian Dold)
0007069: [anastasis-webui] show spinner and/or disable next button while waiting for the reducer (sebasjm)
0007070: [REST API] when downloading policy, there should be a way to distinguish "policy not found" from "policy with this version not found" (Florian Dold)
0007071: [backend] provider crashes in truth upload (Florian Dold)
0007072: [anastasis-webui] browser history integration (sebasjm)
0007077: [anastasis-webui] (Re-)implement file uploads and downloads (Florian Dold)
0007080: [General] case-sensitivity issues with user attributes (sebasjm)
0007081: [authentication methods] phone number must contain country prefix (sebasjm)
0007082: [anastasis-gtk] save-as button confusing during recovery (Christian Grothoff)
0007084: [authentication methods] stress case-sensitivity for security question answer (sebasjm)
0007085: [General] user confusion between secret name/value (sebasjm)
0007086: [anastasis-webui] AHV number with/without dots (sebasjm)
0007088: [General] entering 15-digit PIN/TAN codes is difficult (sebasjm)
0007089: [General] long UUID shocks users (sebasjm)
0007090: [anastasis-webui] are you sure? (sebasjm)
0007091: [anastasis-webui] TOTP triggered error (Florian Dold)
0007092: [anastasis-webui] "A-" prefix missing (sebasjm)
0007094: [General] secret entry field too small (sebasjm)
0007095: [General] normalization suggestions for user attributes (sebasjm)
0007097: [anastasis-webui] Google TOTP can only do 6 digits (sebasjm)
0007187: [anastasis-gtk] regression: TOTP no longer works (Christian Grothoff)
0007188: [authentication methods] e-mail authentication fails with 404 (Christian Grothoff)
0007218: [anastasis-gtk] "Solve challenges" screen complains about "A challenge is already active" (Christian Grothoff)
0007219: [REST API] do not use WebDAV HTTP status codes (Christian Grothoff)
0007221: [anastasis-gtk] select_version only lists one provider (Christian Grothoff)
0007222: [C reducer implementation] authentication_providers should be properly tagged with status (Christian Grothoff)
0007223: [command line tools] with fees fails because of libeufin (Florian Dold)
0007225: [reducer spec] inconsistencies in continent internationalization (Christian Grothoff)
0007226: [reducer spec] reducer doesn't handle server failures cleanly in provider status (Christian Grothoff)
0007227: [C reducer implementation] enter_user_attributes blocks on providers being unresponsive (Christian Grothoff)
0007228: [command line tools] write test case with hanging provider (Christian Grothoff)
0007231: [anastasis-webui] implement new challenge feedback in UI (sebasjm)
0007259: [anastasis-gtk] cannot enter birthdates before February 1970. (Christian Grothoff)
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