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Summary0005522: new website: improve / fix "/news" system
  * should be presented in an easier format as per inclusion / presentation.

Christian wanted to make the blog disappear.
I do not believe pasting news items back and forth between current and "giant archive page" is productive or good.

Extend the news part by providing an archive with individual news items. The archive (/old-news) page would provide a listing of years, and only links to older news (determined by age or tag in the news item).
We get to scale (not a growing news page or even worse disappearing news because "we don't care" or something) and it will be easier to navigate.

Essentially, improve the /news subpages and rendering of it to be friendly to contributors (less manual steps) and for readers, as well as keeping links intact (we shouldn't even move the news, breaking the links!).


parent of 0005535 acknowledged new website: import old news 
parent of 0005592 assigned website: generate rss for news 
related to 0005575 assigned Proposal: Add a section for "News" on the front page of new site 
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Christian Grothoff

2019-02-14 12:04

manager   ~0013748

I like this, not sure how this would actually be done as we definitively don't want to load 10 years of news on the front page, but I do like showing the latest news on the front page. So how to achieve this without breaking links (or requiring some fancy JavaScript which breaks the no-JS-required rule) is right now beyond me.


2019-02-16 01:03

developer   ~0013809

I think that we should put the problem of the "old-news" on the back-burner until we have a good solution for "new news" on the website.

I created a proposal for this here:

Christian Grothoff

2019-02-20 17:20

manager   ~0013906

17:18 < grothoff> Apropos anybody got a good idea how to get the RSS feed that we had into working with the new Web site?
17:18 < grothoff> Basically, we need to generate the RSS feed. Before, Drupal did that for us.

=> Maybe doable as part of the scripting around news?


2019-02-20 18:59

developer   ~0013913

acknowledged, working on it in 5592. Can probably be stand-alone.


2019-02-22 07:15

reporter   ~0013932

is this meant for 0.11 ?

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