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0005592gnunet-wwwGeneralpublic2021-04-05 11:27
Reporternikita Assigned Toschanzen  
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Target Version2021-01Fixed in Version2021-01 
Summary0005592: website: generate rss for news
DescriptionGrothoff wrote on IRC that we need rss generation for
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child of 0005522 closedschanzen new website: improve / fix "/news" system 



2019-02-20 17:51

developer   ~0013909

As atom is as easy as rss, I will probably add atom as well.


2019-02-22 07:05

reporter   ~0013928

Is this ticket meant for 0.11 ?

I'd like to be able to track the progress of the work toward the 0.11 release


2019-02-22 10:42

developer   ~0013939

No, same reply as in the other ticket.
If it gets in, it gets in. If it doesn't, it doesn't. This is not meant for any specific version and some of the tickets take time.


2019-03-04 11:33

developer   ~0014142

Precondition is a proper news system. I have ideas how to get there but primarily need to
focus on exams right now (also web related, but other languages ;))
As it is, rss would be kind of awkward to integrate.
I'll commit a static rss file tonight, handwritten.


2019-03-04 11:35

developer   ~0014143

For both the news and the rss, as well as the other changes, should benefit from it too.
It's better to do the news system properly instead of repeating what we have now (no offense but
this doesn't work for permanent URLs and has other issues as pointed out before).


2019-03-16 18:16

reporter   ~0014213

I'd like to note that it is very awkward now to send links with anchors. Instead of getting into something more focused users arrive somewhere in a middle of content wall and have to tread carefully not to lose focus.


2019-03-16 19:03

developer   ~0014214

I think I have to drop this for now.
I still have an idea how to get this done in a good way, but for now I have too much on my task list.

@ ic.rbow: I think everyone is aware of this, as has been noted before.


2021-02-26 18:42

administrator   ~0017567

This works for some time now.


2021-04-05 11:27

administrator   ~0017689

Website updated.

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