Released 2021-04-04
0005800: [General] spellcheck (Christian Grothoff)
0005522: [Homepage] new website: improve / fix "/news" system (schanzen)
       0005535: [Homepage] new website: import old news (schanzen)
       0005592: [General] website: generate rss for news (schanzen)
0005577: [General] website: rework branding image in navigation bar (schanzen)
0005648: [Homepage] page refresh behavior bug (schanzen)
0005798: [Homepage] handbook links are 404 (schanzen)
0005819: [General] news generator (schanzen)
0005575: [General] Proposal: Add a section for "News" on the front page of new site (schanzen)
0005792: [Homepage] Re-use FAQ item "What does my system do when participating in GNUnet file sharing?" ? (schanzen)
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