0007008: [other] https://git.gnunet.org/libmicrohttpd.git is down (Christian Grothoff)
0006768: [performance] MHD attempts to set TCP-specific options when listening on a UNIX domain socket... (Karlson2k)
0005501: [documentation] Example for how to provide WebSocket server using HTTP Upgrade API (silvioprog)
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Released 2020-12-28
0004913: [documentation] Manual showing how to build MHD on Android (Christian Grothoff)
0006594: [build system] configure script accepts too-old gnutls (Christian Grothoff)
0006610: [HTTP 1.1 request pipelining] MHD_send_on_connection_() with MHD_SSO_HDR_CORK on MHD_CONNECTION_FOOTERS_SENDING makes chunked transfer stuck (Christian Grothoff)
0006693: [build system] unable to cross-compile for android due to MHD_NONNULL (Christian Grothoff)
0006441: [libmicrohttpd API] MHD_queue_basic_auth_fail_response should also return MHD_Result (Christian Grothoff)
0006609: [documentation] minimal C example doesn't compile (Christian Grothoff)
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Released 2020-06-28
0006135: [other] Fix non-threaded build (Christian Grothoff)
0006090: [libmicrohttpd API] MHD_start_daemon always fails on macOS (Christian Grothoff)
0006117: [build system] zzuf testsuite fails (beberking)
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Released 2020-02-08
0006025: [portability] Wrong #endif location (Christian Grothoff)
0006036: [libmicrohttpd API] MHD_USE_NO_LISTEN_SOCKET | MHD_USE_THREAD_PER_CONNECTION always overflows the connection count (Christian Grothoff)
0006068: [other] No response using PATCH method with data (Christian Grothoff)
0006078: [build system] config fails due to -Werror=unused-but-set-parameter while looking for pthreads (Christian Grothoff)
0006019: [libmicrohttpd API] request api to check whether mhd connection object still live (tcp socket still connected) (Christian Grothoff)
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Released 2019-12-15
0005944: [build system] Cannot build with Visual Studio 2017 (Christian Grothoff)
0005977: [build system] Wrong number of argument for send() in MACOS build (Christian Grothoff)
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Released 2019-10-17
0005806: [build system] 0.9.65 build fails with gnutls (Christian Grothoff)
0005826: [build system] Software tests fails using gcc 8.3.1 (Christian Grothoff)
0005868: [other] The GPL "with ecos" extension is a modified GPL (Christian Grothoff)
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Released 2019-06-09
0005773: [documentation] Small typo in online documentation (Christian Grothoff)
0005662: [build system] Compile Error (Karlson2k)
0005684: [build system] bootstrap script (Karlson2k)
0005730: [build system] build on freebsd 12 rel fails (Karlson2k)
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Released 2019-02-10
0004914: [other] [Example] HTTP compression example using gzip (silvioprog)
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Released 2018-12-08
0005496: [other] Regression: Requested URI is being escaped twice (Christian Grothoff)
0005165: [digest authentication (HTTP)] Add support for RFC 7616 (Digest Auth with SHA-256) (Christian Grothoff)
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Released 2018-11-18
0005473: [build system] make check fails (Christian Grothoff)
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