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0005920GNUnetGNSpublic2019-12-20 02:58
ReporterschanzenAssigned Toschanzen 
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Product VersionSVN HEAD 
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Summary0005920: LSD001 meta issue
DescriptionThis issue tracks all changes to LSD001 (GNS Specification).
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parent of 0005921 closedschanzen Simplify/harmonize GNS key derivations 
parent of 0005922 closedschanzen Switch label processing to UTF-8 
parent of 0005978 closedschanzen CNAME resolution does not return to GNS 
parent of 0005979 closedschanzen GNS2DNS records do not support .PKEY DNS server name(s). 
parent of 0005897 closedschanzen Harmonize HKDF arguments for GNS block key derivations 
parent of 0005998 new Namestore should enforce delegation rules for record adding according to LSD001 
parent of 0005999 new GNS currently does not return NICK (optional feature) 
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