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0005921GNUnetGNSpublic2019-11-08 11:24
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Summary0005921: Simplify/harmonize GNS key derivations
DescriptionThe GNS key derivations are kind of all over the place, e.g. for the derivation of the symmetric encryption key we
       PRK_kiv := HKDF-Extract (zk, label)
       K := HKDF-Expand (PRK_kiv, "gns-aes-ctx-key", 512 / 8);
       IV := HKDF-Expand (PRK_kiv, "gns-aes-ctx-iv", 256 / 8)

This means that we use the zone key (zk) as salt and label as initial keying material.
Usually, we use a string as salt and key as IKM, for example when we derive the zone key for signing:
PRK_h := HKDF-Extract ("key-derivation", zk)
         h := HKDF-Expand (PRK_h, label | "gns", 512 / 8)

In order to harmonize this, LSD001 specifies:
         PRK_k := HKDF-Extract ("gns-aes-ctx-key", zk)
         PRK_iv := HKDF-Extract ("gns-aes-ctx-iv", zk)
         K := HKDF-Expand (PRK_k, label, 512 / 8);
         IV := HKDF-Expand (PRK_iv, label, 256 / 8)

This is already implemented but guarded by the define "LSD001" in src/gnsrecord/gnsrecord_crypto.c.
Define for 0.12.
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