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0007340libeufindemo frontendpublic2023-01-08 10:32
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Target Version0.9.0Fixed in Version0.9.0 
Summary0007340: manual wire transfer to other bank account not possible
DescriptionDuring UX study today, user ran into the workflow where the wallet (should, 0007339) have prompted them to do a manual wire transfer in the bank. However, the current SPA only allows the (integrated) withdraw flow, not the wallet-initiated withdraw flow. This should be fixed urgently, as there are several paths where users can end up in this flow and then could not complete the withdrawal in the demo (ever).
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duplicate of 0007331 closedMS libeufin enable manual payments with SPA for sandbox 
related to 0007339 feedbackFlorian Dold Taler withdrawal triggered on insufficient balance does not work in demo (due to fees) 



2022-09-09 09:50

manager   ~0019108

That is implemented. 'wire.png' shows where to click to initiate the wire transfer from the profile page.

However: libeufin.git is now having a rebase conflict on the SPA, hence this will only become available after
the resolution.

Version: 8b243bc at merchant-backoffice.git
wire.png (112,920 bytes)   
wire.png (112,920 bytes)   
details.png (67,984 bytes)   
details.png (67,984 bytes)   


2022-09-15 09:34

manager   ~0019135

Worked on demo.

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