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0005518GNUnetwebpagepublic2019-02-28 11:17
Reporterng0Assigned Tong0 
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Target Version0.11.0Fixed in Version0.11.0 
Summary0005518: make new website responsive
DescriptionI've already worked on this a bit, but some page main content boxes were
left out.
The standard should be to be responsive by default in the template, not to optimize the pages later on for it.



2019-01-27 16:02

developer   ~0013481



2019-01-27 16:08

developer   ~0013482

Sub issue, which should be fixed by responsiveness:

- architecture-page:
  * The graph image does not really display well on small screens.

By 'not well' I mean it is too big.


2019-01-30 02:25

reporter   ~0013513

I tried to shrunk the browser window in every page and it seems that every page already is responsive

What do you mean with: "some page main content boxes were
left out" ?

I can't find anything that has been left out of being responsive


2019-01-30 12:05

developer   ~0013521

Hm. I moved this from the TODO file in the repository to Mantis.
Maybe the only thing I did not fix was 0005523


2019-01-30 19:34

developer   ~0013525

Imo the only relevant issue why not to close this is because we have the architecture-page image.


2019-01-31 06:48

reporter   ~0013531


that image is confusing and unreadable, a smaller version would be even worse

Probably a svg version could do

But I don't now clearly where to start from, for that

Christian Grothoff

2019-02-14 12:02

manager   ~0013747

catonano: not sure which image you are talking about, but gnunet-arch-full.svg is an SVG. Also, this is basically *generated* using Graphviz (dot) from gnunet/doc/handbook/images/

Simplified versions can also be easily derived by simplifying the dot input there.

But maybe you're talking about a different image?


2019-02-14 12:20

reporter   ~0013754


no I was referring to the gnunet-arch-full.svg file

it's a bit dense and also quite large

I thought that svg images would srihnk with the browser window but it seems this one doesn't

again I don't know where to start from


2019-02-15 16:26

developer   ~0013791

The move to bootstrap 4 fixed this.
Images will get some more changes in later commits.

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