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0008940GNUnetdocumentationpublic2024-06-14 06:20
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Product Version0.21.2 
Summary0008940: Getting started instructions are outdated

I wanted to try out Gnunet, so after installing the package I followed the instructions at

I could not get it working on my machine, or on my friend's arch linux. It seems the tutorial is severely outdated, the gnunet-peerinfo command doesn't exist, and using gnunet-core without arguments complains that it needs arguments.

Same thing for the manual at

Ignoring these issues, me and my friend couldn't get gnunet to start properly, there's always errors in the logs. I've attached mine.

Could it be possible to update the manual?
Thanks in advance
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has duplicate 0008941 resolvedschanzen Documentation is outdated 



2024-06-13 21:14

administrator   ~0022601

the command you want is not simply

gnunet-core --show-connections

see also gnunet-core --help

gnunet-peerinfo does indeed no longer exist.
The websites should be removed and/or migrated to the handbook.

I updated the handbook start page.


2024-06-13 21:28

reporter   ~0022602

Thanks, the new start page is better. Sorry for the duplicate issue the website showed me an error when I posted so I thought it didn't send.


2024-06-13 21:31

reporter   ~0022603

Do you have the equivalent to 'gnunet-peerinfo -gn' and 'gnunet-peerinfo -p' please ?


2024-06-13 21:45

administrator   ~0022604

Nope. Those functions do not exist anymore because the service no longer exists.
gnunet-peerinfo -s was replaced by gnunet-core --show-identity

If you need the functionality, we may be able to design an alterntive that achieves what you need.


2024-06-13 22:14

reporter   ~0022605

Ok, thanks for the help. I just wanted to try it to connect directly to some other peer as I'm having issues connecting to the network, I don't think it would have worked anyways since the issues seem to be from TRANSPORT.


2024-06-14 06:20

administrator   ~0022608

The functions that are still documented on the home page (we need to fix that asap) may be useful to be honest.
But they just dont have a replacement _right now_.

To connect two peers you control that are actually reachable, it makes sense to have one set up as a hostlist server and the other connect to that hostlist (see docs for host server/client config).

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