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0008579TalerWeb site(s)public2024-04-15 21:32
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Target Version0.10Fixed in Version0.10 
Summary0008579: Refurbish FAQs and replace IRC link with link to TALER ICH, remove any reference to the Taler IRC channel from
DescriptionFAQs are partly taken over from taler-ops. We better use instead of the abandoned Taler IRC channel.
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2024-03-05 21:58

developer   ~0021698


2024-03-05 22:13

developer   ~0021699


2024-03-06 08:51

developer   ~0021712

The result needed to be reviewed at a distance and seems to look good. Future iterations of the FAQ list are to come. We reference to the Taler IRC channel from on two pages now: development.html and contact.html


2024-03-06 10:00

developer   ~0021718

I took a look at Javier's ticket and gave him a feedback.


2024-03-06 12:29

developer   ~0021724

The phrase with the link to the TALER ICH had to be translated using machine-based translation. Results in Turkish, German, Spanish and Hungarian were reviewed by the respective mother-tongue speakers who have been pinged via email.


2024-03-07 09:18

developer   ~0021745

There are still corrections going on in different languages. Rectified link in a contribution, stumbled over other issues. Work-in-progress.


2024-03-09 11:11

developer   ~0021825 and some other commits.

E-mail message to the wallet dev group:
 Hi folks,

Weblate had triggered an alert to me tonight which is fine and proves that the localization platform is doing its job. I am sending this message to just let you know what I changed in Weblate to sync with the Taler Bank SPA's git repository again:

- Correct filepath for 'Template for new translations' packages/demobank-ui/src/i18n/bank.pot --> packages/bank-ui/src/i18n/bank.pot
- Rectify 'File mask' packages/demobank-ui/src/i18n/*.po --> packages/bank-ui/src/i18n/*.po
- Deactivate 'Edit base file' (users could otherwise change strings in the English original through Weblate which would be a bad idea)
- Duplicate the English strings basefile (Weblate's complaint can be ignored in this case)
- Update all files upstream thus rebasing the Weblate repository
- Edit some German strings, test synchronization with git

Thank you, Sebastian, for arranging localization for the Bank SPA yesterday. Synchronization between Weblate and git seems to work now.

Maybe some wallet dev group members can be nice enough to give me further feedback what is still needed to be done in terms of localization. �

and happy hacking!

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