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0008560TalerWeb site(s)public2024-04-15 21:32
Reporterjavier.sepulveda Assigned ToStefan  
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Summary0008560: Website - Typos and improvements
Description- After reading the whole Spanish translation website I have found quite a few typos that need to be fixed (weblate).
- I have also seen the Taler diagram is not yet translated into Spanish but appears published in the Website. (Requested to Marie)
- - Even though is under the Spanish website, is not yet translated
- - Same thing, not yet translated but published under the Spanish version.
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2024-03-05 13:59

administrator   ~0021673

Went through Weblate for around 290 strings and made a lot of changes on them.
Need to get confirmation if these applied changes will be visible on the published website of
Checking with Stefan.
Pending to get the diagram source file, in order to translate it.


2024-03-06 09:43

developer   ~0021717

Hi Javier,

I took a glance at the changes you made and I think it looks all very nice, tested on some of the live pages.

Do you really think needs to be translated to Spanish? Please think about other places and projects to dedicate your precious time to. The target group of the NGI TALER page is English-speaking at least fluently in that language, so you can keep the English text on the page.


2024-03-06 13:19

administrator   ~0021726

Nice. Thanks for that Stefan.
Following your advice I have reached 100% on the Weblate Spanish translation, and will leave
behind for the moment the NGI Taler site.
For better tracking of translations I will open up different bugs for translation work for either Anastasis or TalerSystems if that is okay.


2024-03-06 15:42

developer   ~0021729

Yes, of course. Thank you for the work done so far, Javier!

If the NGI TALER web page had to be translated it would need gettext tags around every sentence like at the other text strings in the template files.

I see you are now dedicated to and Happy hacking!


2024-03-12 09:52

administrator   ~0021849

Requested to Marie, the diagram source file that appears on:

in order to eventually be able to translate into Spanish.


2024-03-12 14:06

developer   ~0021866

The SVG file IS the diagram source. :-)

I can open it in Inkscape. It is displayed ugly in my viewer software (Gwenview), though.

You most probably need to have the fonts Blacksword and Helvetica installed. Good luck! S.


2024-03-13 13:41

administrator   ~0021886

Thanks for that Stefan. My fault when tried to open with GIMP and not with Inkscape.
Thank you very to you and Marie for the feedback.


2024-03-13 14:12

developer   ~0021888

You are welcome, Javier!

Just for your information: Lately, I committed a push to git getting rid of old fuzzy strings in the Spanish poedit file. This does not influence your translations and is only kind of a sanity check for Weblate. And it positively effects and accelerates the build routines when web pages are built. S.


2024-03-13 14:16

administrator   ~0021889

Stefan please check the translation of the process payment diagram into Spanish:

Maybe you can replace this new one, with the old one which appears on:

You can probably close this ticket afterwards.

Thank you very much.


2024-03-13 14:16

developer   ~0021890

Oh, and I performed three translations in Spanish on my own where I could not fail:

Is "tutoriales" the right word in Spanish for tutorials?


2024-03-13 14:17

administrator   ~0021891

Yes, that is correct. "tutoriales".


2024-03-13 15:23

developer   ~0021892

Last edited: 2024-03-13 15:24

Hi Javier, I took a sharp look at your diagram.

1. I would suggest to write "transferir dinero" instead of "retirar dinero". "Retirar" is already used for the withdrawal of digital cash to a wallet. This transaction corresponds to "withdraw coins" in English whereas "wire money" for both sending money from and to the Taler Exchange would correspond to "transferir dinero" in Spanish. If you want to replace the "retirar dinero" then do so on both arrows left and right of the Exchange. Just a suggestion!

2. "DEPOSITTAR MONEDAS" has one T too much and I would suggest here to better write "canjear monedas". Thus, in this all-caps case "CANJEAR MONEDAS"...

What do you think? :-)

I hope my note supported your work a bit.


2024-03-14 08:49

administrator   ~0021924

Agreed and very grateful Stefan.
Changes made with Inkscape, and new edited .svg file uploaded to marketing.git/diagrams.
Thanks again for the feedback.


2024-03-14 09:08

administrator   ~0021926

If you think we are good for the moment with this management, please tag this ticket as resolved for now.
Thank you.


2024-03-14 17:08

developer   ~0021931

After my revision I think the diagram TalerDiagram-Spanish.svg in the marketing git is right now regarding the flow and the terms used. But I still have a tiny little recommendation for improvement: Can you apply the same font and font size to the string "AUDITOR" like at the other strings?

Of course, it might happen in the future that we have to change the term "EXCHANGE" in the diagram to another Spanish word which fits better for a certain target group or audience. It might also be necessary to use the term "Payment Service Provider" when the concept of an “Exchange” is still unclear to the reader (see at "Exchange Operator"). In that case one of us has to play around with the Inkscape file and produce another SVG with a replacement for "EXCHANGE".


2024-03-25 22:31

developer   ~0021993

Great work, Javier!

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