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0007296Talerexchange API (HTTP specification)public2022-08-09 15:32
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Summary0007296: human info of exchange
DescriptionPeople need to choose between exchanges because of fee or location.
I would like to show information that will make it easy to identify for humans when, for example, doing a withdrawal.
My proposal is:

interface ExchangeInfo {
  name: string;
  logo?: string;
  website?: string;
  email?: string;
  jurisdiction?: Location;

Similar of what we have for the merchant

Maybe in the /keys endpoint?

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Christian Grothoff

2022-08-09 15:31

manager   ~0018999

This is highly problematic from a security perspective (even more so than in the case of the merchant), as we have no good way to validate this information. If, this should be obtained from the (extended validation) TLS certificate, which is difficult (see 0004629). So let's not do this now.

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