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0006143libmicrohttpdbuild systempublic2020-04-09 09:49
ReporterdkgAssigned ToChristian Grothoff 
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version0.9.70 
Target Version0.9.71Fixed in Version0.9.71 
Summary0006143: "make -j4 check" fails in src/testzzuf
DescriptionWhen make is running in parallel mode, the tests in src/testzzuf fail
Steps To Reproducemake -j4 check
Additional InformationThis failure happens on 0.90.66 as well.

I noticed this because i'm trying to modernize the packaging we use to ship libmicrohttpd in debian, and modern debhelper prefers to run make in parallel mode.

Sorry i don't know enough about the microhttpd test suite to offer a patch to fix this! But it is generally a good idea for the project to be able to build and test in parallel anyway.

Thanks for libmicrohttpd!
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2020-03-31 22:56

reporter   ~0015479

sorry, this appears to be a dup of 0006117

Christian Grothoff

2020-04-09 09:49

manager   ~0015601

No problem, closing as dupe.

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