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0005794GNUnetgnunet-setuppublic2019-07-24 20:42
ReporterxrsAssigned Tolurchi 
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Target Version0.11.6Fixed in Version0.11.6 
Summary0005794: multi user setup not working properly
DescriptionWhen using some of the CLI tools under a normal user they hang.

> gnunet-identity -d
> gnunet-arm -I

One reason could be that no runtime was created for the user. There exists the gnunet-gnunet-runtime and gnunet-system-runtime under /tmp.

Lurchi seems to have similar problems and concluded that the multi user setup did not work for him.

Another example, maybe different problem, but this works under single user setup:
> gnunet-publish text.txt
Error publishing: Can not index file `/home/xrs/text.txt': .
Steps To ReproduceInstall everything as described in Chapter 4.1 to 4.7.1. in

There are two configs:
- /etc/gnunet.conf
- ~/.config/gnunet.conf

Run gnunet instance under user gnunet.
Run CLI tools under normal user.
Additional InformationAdding configs and some logs.
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2019-07-06 17:02


gnunet-idedentity.log (32,375 bytes)
gnunet-publish.log (54,762 bytes)
gnunet-2019-07-06.log (95,579 bytes)
gnunet.user.conf (165 bytes)
gnunet.conf (314 bytes)


2019-07-07 02:22

developer   ~0014653

In NixOS, the multi-user setup now works for me (except for the problem described in The runtime directory for my user is created as soon as I run

gnunet-arm -s

as my user. But in your case it seems that is not possible. The log you attached is from the user services, correct? Is there suspicious output in the system services logs?


2019-07-07 11:43

manager   ~0014654

---> Start `gnunet-arm -s` as normal user.
Maybe this information was missing! I didn't know I had to start gnunet-arm also as normal user as well.

In the handbook in chapter 4.7.1 it says only in the last sentence:
"For the multi-user setup first the system services need to be started as the system user, i.e. the user gnunet needs to execute gnunet-arm -s. This should be done by the system’s init system."

Is this correct?


2019-07-07 11:47

manager   ~0014655

@lurchi: To answere your questions. Yes, it is possible to start as normal user. Yes, the logs are from the user services without having started gnunet-arm under normal user. I supposed running gnunet-arm under system user "gnunet" was enought. No suspicous output in the system service logs.


2019-07-07 12:32

developer   ~0014656

The information that normal users have to run gnunet-arm -s is in the manual, but hidden in the "Config Leftovers" chapter which we should slowly eliminate. I added it in the "Checking the installation chapter" too:

Can this issue be closed?

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