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0005728Talerdeployment and operationspublic2019-12-20 19:11
ReporterMarcello Stanisci Assigned ToMarcello Stanisci  
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Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Version0.6Fixed in Version0.6 
Summary0005728: Dump log file from failing test case.
DescriptionWhenever a Buildbot build fails for a C component, the Web console prints just the libtool output, so it is not possible
to understand what the specific failure was. Instead, it would be great to have the .log from the failing test case printed
somehow in the Web console.
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Marcello Stanisci

2019-05-20 18:49

viewer   ~0014417

Christian Grothoff

2019-05-20 23:21

manager   ~0014419

Why don't you just add an extra buildbot command to

$ cat `find * -name "*.log"`

No need to modify what we usually do, and users usually wouldn't want even more output.

Marcello Stanisci

2019-05-23 16:36

viewer   ~0014434

I did something similar. When the test fails, a "dumper" (see [1]) script starts looking for failed tests and dumps the respective .log whenever it finds one. Currently testing it..


Marcello Stanisci

2019-05-23 17:45

viewer   ~0014435

It functions, and here's how it looks:

Can be closed now.

Marcello Stanisci

2019-05-23 17:45

viewer   ~0014436


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