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0005650GNUnetstatistics servicepublic2021-06-10 19:36
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Target Version0.16.0 
Summary0005650: Metrics collected by statistics lack canonical identifiers
Description$ gnunet-statistics -s nse

          nse # flood messages received: 13
          nse # peers connected: 4
          nse # nodes in the network (estimate): 203
          nse # flood messages started: 5
          nse # estimated network diameter: 3
          nse # flood messages transmitted: 10

With such verbose keys there's no easy way to form compact JSON document or entries for time-series database.

And you can't query single stats without having to copypaste the line exactly and put in quotes:

    $ gnunet-statistics -s nse -n "# nodes in the network (estimate)"

instead of

    gnunet-statistics -s nse -n network.nodes
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2019-08-08 19:41

manager   ~0014776

This is a good point. Any change will likely result in touching a lot of code, though, so we should work out a reasonable way to do this.


2019-10-10 22:46

reporter   ~0014995

The process can be gradual, at the expense of having to duplicate metrics, if the services would do the same operation for both "fully readable" and "compact" keys.
Maybe it can even be configured and/or CPPd out of the code.

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