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Summary0005642: Improve section about the exchange bank account setup.
Description> For _me_ it was crystal-clear, but maybe we should switch to a more
> didactical style
> for this section where Nuria is stuck?

I think the first problem is that the example given does not work.
The payto://sepa/ is not implemented, we should instead give a
payto://x-taler-bank/ here (or no payto and leave it for later).

Also nothing says how you get the "right" bank account number. In
section 3.6.1, the bank account number is MISSING in the
payto://-example provided.

I think it would be good to add example commands ($ taler-config ...) to
run, to refer to the Taler bank (bank.git) documentation for 3.6.1, and
to give some way to _check_ that everything is correct that doesn't
involve starting the exchange. For example, running

$ taler-exchange-wire && echo everything OK

and ensuring that taler-exchange-wire does NOT return 0 if the
configuration has mistakes in it.

Additional InformationThe description comes from a private discussion that was triggered by some users trying to install the exchange,
and it refers to the exchange manual.
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2019-07-15 18:51

developer   ~0014679

ack, will get to it after GSoC.

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