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0005598GNUnetotherpublic2019-03-20 23:49
Reporterng0Assigned ToChristian Grothoff 
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Target Version0.11.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0005598: Various files still point to old
DescriptionMost of our READMEs, excluding gnunet I think I fixed this, are still pointing to variations of
while it should be in cases where it makes sense.

It would be easier to have an appache config which tries for any given URL when fails for
an URL before falling back to 404.
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2019-02-22 11:40

developer   ~0013942

This is major, because gnunet-gtk should be released around the same time and still has it.


2019-02-22 12:31

developer   ~0013943

gnunet: URLs in comments remain
gnunet-gtk: fixed

Both should be updated to, but this will take more time.


2019-03-15 00:13

developer   ~0014202

Fast fix (ie don't do this): simply use in place.
Proper fix: Link to the section on and similar places.
Annoying work, low hanging fruit for 0.11.1


2019-03-15 00:14

developer   ~0014203

When I write "files" I mean, clone the repos and run a recursive text search for "" in there. For gnunet this is now mostly src/


2019-03-16 18:07

reporter   ~0014212

This is also upsetting web search results greatly and frustrates users that are hit with 404 on arrival.


2019-03-16 19:39

developer   ~0014215

I like this approach and don't think we should intentionally break old pages


2019-03-20 23:48

developer   ~0014224

Let me stress the importance of the broken links:

1) it's bad publicity, people expect to find information even if in the end it turns out to be the old one
2) I get this question very often "where did XY go on the page? It's gone!" or something like that
3) Also wldhx gets this question.


2019-03-20 23:49

developer   ~0014225

Since only grothoff can resolve this on the server side, assigned to grothoff

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