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0005593Talerpy bank (demonstrator, obsolete)public2019-12-20 19:12
ReporterMarcello Stanisci Assigned ToMarcello Stanisci  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Version0.6Fixed in Version0.6 
Summary0005593: Need 404 page.
DescriptionIf a nonexistent page is tried to be accessed, the bank shows the Django's exception page. Instead, a custom "page not found" page should be displayed.
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Marcello Stanisci

2019-02-20 18:35

viewer   ~0013910

Last edited: 2019-02-20 18:35

This commit b0f9913, has all the gear in place but it's missing the last step to make the change effective: switching the "debug = True" line to "debug = False" in So we should agree about this forthcoming switch before resolving this issue!

Christian Grothoff

2019-02-21 14:37

manager   ~0013921

Can we have debug on on test, and off on demo?

Marcello Stanisci

2019-02-21 17:30

viewer   ~0013924

Yes, but the only viable way that I can think of is putting some condition inside that sets debug to False if it is running on 'demo', or to True otherwise.

Not sure if there is some way to "pinpoint" a commit for a particular file and make it stick to that commit. This way we could put "debug = False" for commit X at stable branch, and make stick to that commit for all its life (or until we change policy). In fact, changes very rarely so this would not impact very much our overall activity; but at the same time, it sounds very dirty.

Christian Grothoff

2019-02-21 17:59

manager   ~0013925

Testing for the hostname in sounds viable, but crazy Git hacks not so much. I think this is only worth it if we can keep it reasonably simple. Otherwise, just turn it off.

Marcello Stanisci

2019-02-21 19:08

viewer   ~0013926

Resolved with the check in, b0f9913..652e1f1.

Marcello Stanisci

2019-02-21 19:11

viewer   ~0013927

And by the way: we check for a env variable to be defined instead of parsing hostnames. This variable is defined as soon as one runs 'source activate' which must be done upon SSH'ing into the server.

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