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0004999Talerotherpublic2017-06-06 14:18
ReporterMarcello Stanisci Assigned ToMarcello Stanisci  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Version0.3Fixed in Version0.3 
Summary0004999: mitm loops on /keys
Descriptionwhenever the merchant tries to get /keys from an exchange proxied by the
MITM software layer, it keeps fetching /keys infinitely.
Steps To Reproduceexecute located at src/mitm under the merchant repository,
make it point to a running exchange - by exporting the env variable
TALER_EXCHANGE_URL set to a running exchange's URL, and set the merchant
backend to use the mitm as the exchange.
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Marcello Stanisci

2017-04-28 11:53

viewer   ~0012077

update about reproducing the issue: the mitm can now be executed by calling
the taler-merchant-mitm tool, passing the exchange's url to it.

See taler-merchant-mitm --help

Marcello Stanisci

2017-04-28 18:57

viewer   ~0012079

This *used* to happen because the mitm did not send back the "Expiration"
HTTP header to the merchant, so /keys' response appeared as expired, and the
download got retried.

This has been fixed by returning all the HTTP headers verbatim to the merchant.

The issue now is that the /keys' response gets "cut" at some point, so the JSON
is invalid.

Marcello Stanisci

2017-05-02 09:02

viewer   ~0012091

ee0fb92. Content-Length header used to "cut" the response making it invalid.

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