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0004877Talerotherpublic2017-06-06 14:18
ReporterFlorian Dold Assigned ToMarcello Stanisci  
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Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Version0.3Fixed in Version0.3 
Summary0004877: migrate to new contract-related terminology
DescriptionIn the new terminology, the frontend creates an "order", the HTTP PUTs it to the backends /propopsal endpoint, which returns the proposal corresponding to the order (with the merchant signature and missing fields in the order filled out.

With a HTTP GET on /proposal, the frontend can query proposals by transaction ID or proposal hash.

The wallet stores as a "contract" the proposal together with signed coins.

Also, "transaction_id" becomes "order_id", since it's used by the frontend to uniquely identify an order.

The transaction_id name might be reused in the future for negotiating instances of payments for the *same* proposal between the exchange and merchant. It's not part of the contract anymore.
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related to 0004873 closedFlorian Dold Update contract fields 


Christian Grothoff

2017-03-02 08:00

manager   ~0011878

I thought this was already implemented. What's the status? (I fixed some related API docs today, sent you an e-mail about it).

Marcello Stanisci

2017-03-02 11:34

viewer   ~0011882

Yes and no. The source code is ported, but _comments_ don't match
ported code yet, at least in the merchant backend.

And as of API/docs, I'm pretty sure they're still mainly obsolete.

What to do with this issue?

Marcello Stanisci

2017-05-02 09:39

viewer   ~0012092

addressing remaining leftovers in merchant's and api's codebases.
There might be other parts in the whole Taler code having obsolete
names, but I think the current state is enough to close this never-ending bug.

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