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0004693Talermerchant frontend (blog)public2016-10-11 17:28
ReporterFlorian Dold Assigned ToMarcello Stanisci  
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Product Versiongit (master) 
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Summary0004693: bad error messages if user agent has cookies disabled
DescriptionWhen we get a user agent with disabled cookies, we should provide a better error message.

Right now we just show some alert with error 400 and the "payment in progress" spinner.
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related to 0004701 closedMarcello Stanisci merchant frontends should have a proper error page 


Christian Grothoff

2016-09-29 00:31

manager   ~0011198

Maybe we should deploy more advanced session management (without cookies):

Basically, the idea is to embed a session ID within a POST request via a hidden argument, and within a GET by appending a parameter. (As the latter is user-visible, the cookie can contain a checksum based on the client's IP address and a server-side secret, thereby preventing the session from being easily copied to another computer.)

Django also has a bunch of provisions for session management:

So at least for PHP and Django, I'd expect that we should be able to fallback/use existing mechanisms to deal with this issue.

Christian Grothoff

2016-09-29 00:34

manager   ~0011199

Should have read the whole page first:

>>>Session IDs in URLs<<<

The Django sessions framework is entirely, and solely, cookie-based. It does not fall back to putting session IDs in URLs as a last resort, as PHP does. This is an intentional design decision. Not only does that behavior make URLs ugly, it makes your site vulnerable to session-ID theft via the “Referer” header.

Hard to disagree with the ugly URLs, IP-hashing would make the session-ID theft at least tricky. Then again, maybe the answer is indeed to simply provide a saner error message for now.

Florian Dold

2016-09-29 00:34

manager   ~0011200

-1, because these things badly break navigation.

Sure, we can have another demo / proof-of-concept with different session management, but it's a bad default, user-experience wise.

Another concern is that when using Tor, you can't rely on the IP address.

Marcello Stanisci

2016-10-11 17:19

viewer   ~0011294

fixed in e27bd08, although it seems that the onError callback does not always get the same 'detail' format. For this bug, the 'hint' field is missing.

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