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0004207Talerwallet (WebExtensions)public2016-10-11 17:28
ReporterChristian Grothoff Assigned ToFlorian Dold  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformi7OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Versionsqueeze
Product Version0.0 
Target Version0.1Fixed in Version0.1 
Summary0004207: wallet contains incomprehensible messages
DescriptionLooking at the strings to translate, some of the messages will not be comprehensible for most users:

"The URL you've entered is not valid (must be absolute)"
"Sie haben kein Digitalgeld. Wollen Sie %1$s? abheben?"
are almost harmless.

But this:
"The bank wants to create a reserve over %1$s."
"Reserve (%1$s) mit %2$s bei %3$s erzeugt"
"Bank confirmed reserve (%1$s) at %2$s"
"Wallet depleted reserve (%1$s) at %2$s"

is incomprehensible Taler-talk. We need to find better formulations.
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related to 0004696 closedFlorian Dold should improve texts shown in history 
related to 0004468 closedFlorian Dold UI should never mention "reserve" 


Florian Dold

2016-02-24 18:18

manager   ~0010185

I agree, those are pretty incomprehensible.

Do we even want to show the individual coin withdraw messages to the user?

Do we want the user to see when a reserve was created but not confirmed?

To me this also seems to look like an issue of aggregating and filtering things from the event log before displaying them to the user.

Christian Grothoff

2016-09-29 11:07

manager   ~0011203

Let's look at the dialogs one-by one.

Withdraw interaction (detail view):

Withdraw cost: 0.2 KUDOS
=> This should be "Withdraw fees" (to match "accept fees and withdraw")
Advanced options:
=> This is not quite right, we specifically should say which option, i.e.
   "select different provider"

I think we should show the fees *above* the accept button, as they are the key thing the user is accepting. The detail view can then be afterwards.

Layout wise, maybe even:

Withdraw fees: XX.YY CURRENCY [Accept fees and withdraw]

[select different provider]

Then, if expanded, don't just put the URI of the exchange in an input box, but say what it is, i.e.:

Payment service provider: [exchange URI]

[show more details]
=> show fee structure

Fee for withdrawal: 0.12 KUDOS
=> Withdraw fees (use same text as above!)

Overhead: 0.08 KUDOS
=> Rounding loss

Replace "Count" with "# coins"?
Also definitively needs more space between the fee texts.

Christian Grothoff

2016-09-29 11:13

manager   ~0011204

Pay dialog:


Kudos Inc. wants to enter a contract over 0.10 KUDOS with you.

You are about to purchase:

* Essay: 3. The Initial Announcement of the GNU Operating System: 0.10 KUDOS


Do you want to pay 0.10 KUDOS to Kudos Inc. for:

* Essay: 3. The Initial Announcement of the GNU Operating System: ALIGN 0.10 KUDOS

Here "align" is space inserted to ensure alignment of the amounts for multiple items, i.e. a </td><td> if we put everything into an (invisible) table. Modern CSS may have a better way...

I'd then align the "confirm payment" button at the *center* of the dialog (least mouse movement on average).

[show more details]
=> [show contract details]
[show less details]
=> [hide contract details]

Then have some space between the contract details and the [show less details].

Christian Grothoff

2016-09-29 11:15

manager   ~0011205

You do not have enough coins of the requested currency.

=> You have insufficient funds of the requested currency in your wallet.

(I think that's slightly clearer/better. Negation ("not") is always bad, and "coins" is again a bit Taler-ish, while "funds" is more general. And I think it helps to clarify that this is about the wallet, which here is unlike a credit card ;-))

Christian Grothoff

2016-09-29 11:16

manager   ~0011206


=> Should apply the same styling the rest of the Taler wallet pages get, right now it shows up WAY too wide on my screen.

Florian Dold

2016-10-10 03:20

manager   ~0011280

Those are all fixed by now.

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