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0003764Talerwallet (WebExtensions)public2016-11-20 03:26
ReporterChristian GrothoffAssigned ToFlorian Dold 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformi7OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Versionsqueeze
Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Version0.2Fixed in Version0.2 
Summary0003764: wallet needs to support /refresh operations to ensure unlinkability
DescriptionWhen coins are partially spent, the residual value needs to be refreshed to ensure unlinkability. The wallet must thus automatically contact the mint and ask for a refresh. For this, the wallet needs to determine which denomination keys should be generated during the refresh, submit the commitment and perform the reveal operation. Keeping the intermediate state of a refresh operation in the database (so as to be able to resume nicely even in the case of a crash) is part of this report.

Melting multiple old coins in one refresh operation is NOT part of this feature (this may be a feature of the protocol, but an insecure one and we should certainly not support this in the first iteration).
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parent of 0003759 closedMarcello Stanisci need HKDF facility for key derivation in Wallet 
parent of 0003756 closedMarcello Stanisci need (GNUnet-compatible) implementations of ECDHE 
parent of 0003760 closedMarcello Stanisci need GNUnet-style double-symmetric encryption for the wallet 


Florian Dold

2016-10-18 00:00

manager   ~0011340

Implemented as of 78ea2ba5b1.

We do resume from DB.

The only thing not implemented is prompting the user for refresh or other options on payment failure, this is tracked by 0004735.

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