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0002624libextractorpluginspublic2017-10-12 14:10
ReporterLRNAssigned Tobratao 
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Product Versioncurrent SVN 
Target Version1.4Fixed in Version1.4 
Summary0002624: Use different codec for thumbnails
DescriptionAccording to Bratao, right now thumbnails are png-encoded. Instead lossy codecs could be used to greatly reduce thumbnails size (and/or increase their resolution?). WebP was mentioned in the discussion.
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Christian Grothoff

2013-01-31 19:26

manager   ~0006820

The issue is that we need to pick a format that is also easily rendered by all/most Gtk (and possibly Qt, and possibly WWW-browser) clients. We're following the standards for thumbnails (which do say png, 128x128 or similar), so I'm not sure there is a need to change this.


2013-12-23 22:32

developer   ~0007940

Changed to JPEG. Up to 90% improvement, but we should enable switching between JPG/PNG in run-time.

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