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0001951gnunet-gtkgnunet-fs-gtkpublic2011-12-13 12:47
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Summary0001951: namespace list in search dialog should offset our own namespaces
DescriptionWe should use colors to show which are the local user's namespaces and which are "foreign" namespaces in the search dialog. And maybe have an easy way to hide all "local" namespaces or even add the ability to permanently "block" (or mark-by-color) certain namespaces (so that the user can mark those he likes/dislikes/etc).
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2011-12-13 12:40

developer   ~0005075

namespace list in search bar (which replaced search dialog) will be editable in separate dialog/tab/whatever, because the amount of editing is beyond the capability of a simple dropdown list (actually, it's a treeview now).

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