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Summary0001119: different view modes for search results (namespaces adaptable)
Description[IRC talk with Nils]

- About namespaces, I was thinking we could make possible several displays for search results, a little like nautilus does
with different level of meta-data showed, different organisation of files
thus, namespaces would become galleries, almost sites
eg you share free music, you put comments about each album, and you tell in the namespace announce how it shoul be shwon
and then the user gets a complete review of each album, preview of the cover, list of songs...
- Isn't this information about a directory?
yes, this is a directory, but and updatable and signed directory -> a namespace
this is almost implemented in GNUnet
we would just need more adaptable views, and maybe a way for the namespace owner to suggest an optimal view mode
- do you see what I mean ?
- Would one of these display modes be "music" and the contens would be displayed like the album at amazon (review, picture, list of songs)?
- well maybe
- if the namespace publisher can choose, we may expect an optimal display : the needed meta-data will be filled by the publisher, and shown to the user when they are important

- The display mode "picture collection" would look different than the "music" display type, right?
- yes
- pictures => no review, no songlist
- yes too :-) (maybe a comment, a place name)
- but with all pictures arranged side by side
- yes
- OK, I think I got the idea
- like pictures in a (good) file manager

- basically, this is just rearranging the TreeView to show the important meta-data
ie with music you show artist, album, title, date, and cover
maybe a comment
artist could be bold, bigger

the idea is that something like freesites is too complex to add, to complex to manage for the user
Additional InformationLike in nautilus, a combo box may allow to switch between several view modes. The GtkTreeView widget is intended to allow switching view modes (relatively) easily, without changing the data store.

If possible (and easy), namespaces should add a feature to tell which view mode they'll prefer, thus we could fit to what the publisher wanted to show, and make available the important meta-data.
=> Adding a .displaymodeX file to the directory/namespace, with X the display number

This is like creating a simplified and anonymous website (it's limited in customizing, thus it's easier to publish, easier to code and faster to download)

For music, the Treeview may look a little like this : (*a little like*)
For pictures, this may be like gThumb here : (maybe adding coments below pics)
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2006-06-09 13:04

reporter   ~0002715

Modes : (to update)
1 Standard
2 Compact (just filenames)
3 Music albums
4 Music singles
5 Pictures (just previews)
6 Pictures with metadata (comment, place, date...)
7 Movies
8 Books
9 Articles


2006-08-20 04:05

reporter   ~0002735

Won't have time to do this myself for a quite long time.

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