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0001052gnunet-gtkgnunet-fs-gtkpublic2012-06-02 19:15
Reportercyberix Assigned ToChristian Grothoff  
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Product Version0.9.0 
Target Version0.9.3Fixed in Version0.9.3 
Summary0001052: Implicit actions triggered by pasting...
DescriptionPasting strings from PRIMARY (with middle button) anywhere on gnunet-gtk window (except text areas and such ofcourse) should trigger implicit actions.

 -Pasting a GNUnet URI should trigger the action implicitly connected
  to the URI type (search or download).
 -Pasting a file path should suggest inserting the file/folder.
 -Pasting few (2-3?) misc words should launch a search with the pasted
  strings as keywords.

Focus should probably also be moved to the gui component responsible for the action.
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has duplicate 0001948 closed act on drop / paste actions of URIs 
related to 0001083 closedChristian Grothoff associate actions to gnunet-gtk in nautilus/konqueror and web browsers 
related to 0001483 closedChristian Grothoff URIs should be copyable/selectable 
child of 0001966 closedLRN GUI master-issue 



2006-04-25 14:31

reporter   ~0002525

PRIMARY is explained in


2006-04-25 14:54

reporter   ~0002526

The feature won't add any visible bloat to gui, while it remains very usefull for power users. Users may learn to use it by accident or the feature may be discussed in power user communities. Anyway users not aware of the feature won't suffer. They'll never notice and, if they do they'll live happily with the "easter egg" feature ever there after.

Not sure how this should be done in Windows, as Windows doesn't implement PRIMARY by default. Maybe Windows version of GTK+ does? Maybe gnunet-gtk could explicitely guard for middle clicks and then read CLIPBOARD instead of PRIMARY.


2006-04-26 01:11

developer   ~0002527

From #gnunet:

> Hm, I still don't understand what PRIMARY is...
<cyberix> ndurner: Do you understand CLIPBOARD?
<cyberix> PRIMARY is almost the same.
<cyberix> Except where CLIPBOARD is set explicitly, PRIMARY is set implicitly.
<cyberix> ndurner: Still unclear?
<cyberix> Ok. I'll write a full introduction
<cyberix> PRIMARY and CLIPBOARD are both pointers to processes.
<cyberix> When user selects "paste" from a menu, the process which CLIPBOARD
+is pointing at, gets to write data which was earlier selected (or copied by
+other means), to the process where "paste" was done.
<cyberix> A clipboard manager can hi jack in the middle, so data "copied to
+clipboard" won't be lost when the host application which CLIPBOARD is
+pointing to is closed.
<cyberix> CLIPBOARD pointer is set with the explicit "copy"-operation selected
+from a menu or such.
<cyberix> This behaviour is implemented or mimed in Windows, some way...
<cyberix> PRIMARY is another pointer to a process.
<cyberix> PRIMARY is set immediately when something is selected. (implicitly,
+without the user selecting "copy"-option from a menu)
<cyberix> "Pasting" from PRIMARY is ually done with mouse middle button.
<cyberix> (so the user doesn't have to select "paste"-option from a menu)
<cyberix> Now this brings us to GNUnet...
<cyberix> A user using a system which conforms to the clipboard handling
+standard (i.e. a non-Windows system ;-), could after implementing the feature
+ 1) select a GNUnet URI 2) middle-click on gnunet-gtk to start downloading
<cyberix> This is "very handy" (TM)
<netgrabber> i think the best soution ist that if you insert a gnunet url in
+the search field the link will be addet

Christian Grothoff

2006-05-01 15:05

manager   ~0002569

The problem is that this assumes that gnunet-gtk is just file-sharing. What if the user is chatting? I can see that dropping/pasting a URI into the file-sharing window should probably trigger such an action, but I don't see this as something that makes sense *globally*.


2006-05-03 03:54

reporter   ~0002585

Sounds reasonable


2006-05-04 12:42

reporter   ~0002595

Could be good. I don't understand
> -Pasting a file path should suggest inserting the file/folder.
Where would you find file paths in gnunet-gtk window ? :-)

Also, a context menu on a search result should allow to search for the same artist/album/type/whatever.

Christian Grothoff

2012-03-13 11:30

manager   ~0005607

Implemented in SVN 20473.

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