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Summary0000918: per block download visualisation
DescriptionA color matrix showing each iblock and dblock of a download
The dblocks should be marked somehow (a key symbol on them?)

Each block would have one of the following status indicator

red - We don't know the key or id for the block
yellow - We know the key and id for the block
green - We have succesfully downloaded the block

Blinking (lightening the color) for action...

red - blink when a query for the keys is sent to network
yellow - blink when query for the block
green - blink when the block is sent to another node
Additional InformationUsually it is good to hide technical details from user,
but not when they have a therapeutic effect or may attract

If the user is looking at gnunet-gtk while downloading,
(s)he is definitely going to need something cool to look at.
I don't know, if it is by purpose, but MS defrag uses this.
(Looking at MS defrag is very relaxing ;-)

Also flashget download manager uses similar view to visualise
downloading the file from multiple places at the same time.

I'm not sure, if the visualisation I described is even possible
as I described it. Blinking green on sending a block further
might be very hard to implement.
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2006-02-26 14:39

reporter   ~0002437

I came to think that it would probably be a lot
clearer to show only d-blocks in the matrix.

Otherwise user will wonder what the iblocks are.
It is not necessary for user to know about them.
When they are left out the matrix looks more like
a progress bar, which many users are familiar with.

Blinking red dblocks is good enought. Blinking
smaller areas at once indicates that we are closer
to yellow state. Which user will easily notice by
staring at the matrix.

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