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0008913Talermechant backendpublic2024-06-07 20:01
ReporterFlorian Dold Assigned ToChristian Grothoff  
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Target Version0.12 
Summary0008913: merchant backend has empty /transfers response despite non-empty exchange /deposits response from exchange
DescriptionThis seems to happen when the merchant has a different host configured in the payto://x-taler-bank/ URI configured than the actual account in the bank.

It looks like some components ignore the host name in the payto://x-taler-bank URI, while others don't.

That leads to:
* The transfer from the exchange arriving at the merchant's bank account
* The exchange giving a non-empty response to /deposits
* The merchant's /transfers API returning an empty response

While this is a misconfiguration, it would be very difficult to detect in practice, since non of the merchant services log anything about the problem.
Additional Informationfdold-work@sapota ~> curl ''
  "execution_time": {
    "t_s": 1717779129
  "coin_contribution": "FLODOS:1",
  "exchange_pub": "WJFB76CW0BYJ89SGHPPK4R5ZZQBBM11N25VS2GPNE3S425WGHEGG"

fdold-work@sapota ~> curl -H "Authorization: Bearer secret-token:test"
  "transfers": []

fdold-work@sapota ~> curl -H "Authorization: Bearer secret-token:test"
  "accounts": [
      "payto_uri": "payto://x-taler-bank/",

fdold-work@sapota ~> curl -u mymerchant:test | jq .
  "name": "My Merchant",
  "balance": {
    "amount": "FLODOS:3",
    "credit_debit_indicator": "credit"
  "payto_uri": "payto://x-taler-bank/",
  "debit_threshold": "FLODOS:0",
  "contact_data": {
    "email": null,
    "phone": null
  "is_public": true,
  "is_taler_exchange": false,
  "status": "active"

# Notice the mismatch:
# At libeufin-bank:
# payto://x-taler-bank/"
# vs at the merchant backend (missing dash in hostname)
# payto://x-taler-bank/
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