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0008773Talerdeployment and operationspublic2024-05-15 18:03
Reporterdvn Assigned Todvn  
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Target Version0.11 
Summary0008773: stale fuse-overlayfs processes leftover from podman
DescriptionOn there are many idle fuse-overlayfs processes apparently leftover from podman.

Running `ps aux | grep fuse-overlayfs | wc -l` resulted in 458 items.

Podman should be removing these mounts when a container shuts down, but there is a known bug that prevents this under some (unknown) circumstances.


We may need to implement our own cleanup of these on a cron.
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2024-04-25 17:01

developer   ~0022307

I've figured out a command to clean these up:
`podman unshare umount $(podman unshare mount | grep fuse | grep -v connections | cut -d' ' -f3)`


2024-05-02 18:25

developer   ~0022329

Added a cronjob on user `container-worker` that runs the aforementioned command to remove stale fuse mounts at 05:00 every day. It has been running for a few days and appears to be working as intended.

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