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0008741Talerlibeufin-bank-ui (SPA)public2024-05-13 21:29
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Summary0008741: test how translation context is used (i18n)
Descriptionin weblate
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related to 0008826 assignedsebasjm pogen should add msgctxt based on the source code 



2024-05-08 16:47

developer   ~0022374

we can use

context can be defined with msgctxt

in weblate we can also see "Source string location" which right now is pointing the the `ts` source. Not very helpful right now but it the future it can be a href where the translator can see pre-made screenshots.

Example of the msgctxt in Weblate:

The bank SPA has the string "send" used in the form for making a wire-transfer. Right now the translator just see the word to be translated.
Msgcxt can be used to clarify in which context this word is being used. And the same word with different context can be distinguish and translate differently if required.

I'm attaching an example of the "string information" section in weblate of an unstraslated string "Send" with msgctxt "wire_transfer".

The context could be any string but we should first implement this in the pogen software to generate that information from the source code.
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