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0008732Talerlibeufin-nexuspublic2024-04-12 09:13
ReporterLeoW Assigned ToAntoine A  
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Target Version0.14 
Summary0008732: Supporting EBICS WebSocket for real-time notifications
DescriptionFeature request for EBICS WebSocket support in libeufin nexus, since EBICS WebSocket allows for real time notification, thus would significant benefit the user experience with real-time withdrawals.

Bank servers usually provide an account statement at the end of the day (due to accounting reasons). This results in at least one bank working day for withdrawals to be processed via EBICS. Due to the introduction of SCT INST, EBICS3.0 communication has been supplemented with push notifications via a WebSocket connection. This now allows for instant notifications via EBICS.
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2024-04-12 08:24

reporter   ~0022223

This feature request might be the same as '0008649'

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